To download files simply click on the file name and you'll be prompted to specify a location where you'd like to save the file. Select the target location of your desire on your hard drive and wait for the download to finish. After the download is done, doubleclick on the ZIP-file to unzip the package (providing you have software on your computer which can uncompress the file like e.g. WinZip). - That's it:)

Name Description Size

Ancient Santharian Styrįsh (Mira Shjim runes) by Koldar Mondrakken. 21 KB
Second font of the elven tongue: Modern Santharian Styrįsh by Koldar Mondrakken. 20 KB
Mainly used font at the site (IMPORTANT: Please note that you should turn on smooth fonts at your desktop options for the best results using this font!) 34 KB 
Second most often used font at the site. 145 KB
Font used at captions at the site. 35 KB
Font used at Santharian maps. 33 KB
Font of the dwarven tongue: Santharian Thergerim Taal by Bard Judith. 4 KB
All Fonts Download all fonts in one ZIP-file. 235 KB
Santharian Fonts (Mac Versions) Download 3 unique Santharian fonts in one ZIP-file (Mac Versions): Styrįsh (Mira Shijm runes and Modern Santharian Styrįsh) and Thergerim.
35 KB