The following Santharian Screensavers can be installed on your computer. To install a screensaver you can see here, simply right-click on the Download link and download the installation file. Once downloaded, doubleclick on the executable and follow the installation instructions. After you're done, right-click on your desktop and select Properties. Go to the Screensaver tab and select the newly installed screensaver, and that's it basically. You can preview the screensaver by clicking on the Preview button. Some screensavers may also play music - if you prefer to turn it off, you can do this by clicking on the Settings button. Have fun!

Theme Description: The teaser introduces new visitors to the site, it's main intention and everything which he/she will discover in these United Realms. It mainly shows off typical Santharian artwork.
Artists: Enayla, Faugar
Download: The Santharian Teaser (2.6 MB)
The Santharian Teaser