On her travels through the vast Santharian lands the famous herbalist and musician Bard Judith has accumulated a list of the most common drinks of the Kingdom of Santharia and of Caelereth as a whole. Here's a comprehensive list of the beverages you can find throughout the disc:


A creamy white liquid produced by female cattle (cows, heifers). Drunk straight, heated, chilled, or used extensively in baking, cooking, and cheesemaking. Also a source of cream and butter. Return to the top


A whitish, thick liquid produced by female goats (nannies). Strongly flavoured, not to everyone's taste, but often used in cheese-making to form a crumbly, rich, odourous paste. Return to the top


Though not the only ale to be made from milk, it is definitely the most enjoyed. It is usually made from cow milk around Gnorath and other Gnorian settlements, though Darans will use whatever milk is available to brew this beer. With a soft, mellow taste, though when made with goat milk the flavour is stronger; this drink is pleasing to gnomes, humans and halflings alike, though dwarves seem to prefer stronger ales. Return to the top

Rhom-Oc orcs milk the female wargs to prepare a strange fluid. Return to the top

The milk of the Kor'och-fey-Mologh is sometimes used to make Yuritz, a fermented blending of horse milk and hrugchuk grass. It is a strong concoction that only the heartiest of Remusians indulge in.  It is very thick, the milk having been left in a cleaned intestine of a wison for three to four days. Return to the top


A local drink of the Mossy Rocks Cove area in the Santharian province of Manthria. Villagers of Nepris mash the malusapple and add it to ale imported from the local Thergerim clan, and the concoction has become known as Appleale. Return to the top

Artwine comes from the region around the City of Artists, Bardavos. The stamped grapes are left to ferment in new maple casks, giving this wine a sweet body with a light maple overtone. Enjoyed as an afterdinner liquour in many aristocratic homes. Return to the top

Made for the juice of Gromar apples grown only in the Santharian province of Enthronia it is no wonder that this drink is a Gnorian speciality. Owing to the love gnomes have for alcohol, this drink does not travel far from gnomish lands. However, the hobbits of the Dogodan Shire have forged trade agreements with the Gnorians, allow them to taste this pleasant and easily produce liquor. Fermented in white oak barrels traded from the Dogodan halflings, this drink has a sweeter taste than many of its counterparts. Return to the top

Hearth Wine, or Firewine, is a very addictive, highly intoxicating liquor. Most people tend to stay away from it, but the bold will risk it, and usually end up doing very stupid things as a result Return to the top

An intoxicating wine made from fermented honey mixed with the juice of the purplish-green berries of the Elessan Tree, which can only be found growing in the Silvermarshes. Very potent and extremely popular brew around the settlements of Northern Vardýnn. Return to the top

The juice of the malusapple is left to sit and it ferments into a weak alcoholic drink known as Malus Cider. This drink is mainly drunk by farmers because of the ease in its making and because it is cheap. It can also be used in cooking, adding a tart taste to what the chef is making. Return to the top

One of the drinks the kids of Santharia love is the fruity, pink version of the sparkling drinks. The herbal drink is welcome mostly by adults, especially when cooled in the water of a fresh river before served. Return to the top

Another alcohol is the "Mil‘no Fire", a high percentage clear spirit. It is destilled out of the liquid with some added berries to provide the needed sugar. It is said to be undrinkable for non-Shendar. Definitely something for the tough only.Return to the top

A heavily distilled liquour which also goes by the name of "Ruin-n-Desolation" among the cognoscenti. It is only produced at the Isles of R'unor. The berries used in its production are poisonous; careful filtering, fermentation, and still-work ensures the removal of the fatal elements. Each batch is formally taste-tested by a Master Vintner (there are no other kinds, since a mistake automatically removes sloppy brewers from the list of possible Master Vintners!) and then each bottle is given a dated and stamped wax seal guaranteeing its quality. This does not make it "safe", however, as its alcohol content is aproximately 82 proof. Thus the nickname. Return to the top

Made from frozen apples picked directly from the tree in winter months, then fermented in barrels buried under layers of used straw in the local barn, Scumble is one of those beverages that one survives rather than drinks... The resulting liquor is sometimes left outside to freeze and any ice picked off the top, thus increasing the potency of a beverage already strong enough to take the moss off an orc's teeth... However, it is cheap to make and popular in small - very small - doses (in central Sarvonia it is usually served in miniature leatherjacks so as not to dissolve the pricier metal tankards...), and despite its acrid nature leaves a pleasant aftertaste of winter-sweet apple. Return to the top

Neither of the ingredients for this desert wine are made or even grown in Strata, but Stratanian connaisseurs invented with the traded goods from Northern and Southern lands a liqueur, which they sell for high prizes back to the origin of the initial fruits or vines. Return to the top

The original Kitrauhre Spirit being quite expensive, the Stratanian have found a way to make a Lymmon Liqueur which tastes quite nice and is even mixed up in regions far north with the original Kitrauhre Spirit. Return to the top

A popular drink among the Cavthan population is the Twilight's Hearth. It is simply made of crushed hearthberries kept warm and bought to a near fermented state. This is then shaken or stirred vigorously until a white wisp rises from the liquid. "Twilights Hearth" is very relaxing, and seems to ease the body of pain and the mind of worry. Return to the top


One of the drinks of the Antislar people.  It is Azigoor seeds distilled with Phummel grain to become a clear, sharp spirit.  It is usually mixed with water, and the two clear liquids form a cloudy drink.  Because of the "magic" of the drink, it is said to be the drink that make the Kara'thun immortal. Return to the top

Your basic beer, often made by farm women ("alewives") seasonally. Alewives in many parts of the country tack up a fresh green branch over the farmhouse door to indicate that their new batch is ready for sale. If the quality of the ale is unacceptable in that evening's ensuing party, the unlucky breweress is sometimes given a bath in the stuff, although she may escape with a mere "warning" - a dead rat hung from the ridgepole to signify that "the drink here would kill rats!" Return to the top

A strong dwarven spirit, brewed from the wild grain known as 'scutchgrass'. It is frequently consumed and traded by the dwarven Kurakim Clan of Northern Sarvonia. Also known as "Rot-Tin" for its high alcoholic content, Scutch is a rough-edged, robust golden drink which will cost you more than a few copperbards, but will leave you happy nonetheless. Return to the top

The light tan coloured spirit, distilled from Phummel grain and aged in oak barrels.  A strong favourite of the Remusian people. Its name comes from the fact that after a few drinks, one is "wisked away" to a new reality. Return to the top


A tisane or infusion made by soaking dried leaves in boiling water. Colour ranges from light blue through soft green, to pale amber, to orange, to deep purply brown, depending on the cha'ah type and quality. Cha'ah cups are without exception white so that the true colour of the cha'ah may be discerned immediately. Types: ypheró-cha'ah (sky), thyrón-cha'ah (sea), baián-cha'ah (gold), efér-cha'ah (fire), hál-cha'ah (ground). Return to the top

As gnomes settled the now called city Gnorath, the place was overrun with icemilk. It was not long before they found a use for its refreshing sap, and what better way to use it than in alcohol. Soon many uses developed, but still chiefly among them is both Ice Brandy and Ice Wine. Not only does this drink boast a refreshing taste, but also is said to help sore throats and is used as a breath freshener. Return to the top

Among gnomes this drink is consumed mainly with meals, whereas the brandy is drunk whenever wanted. When eating, gnomes would often use this liquor to clear their palette after a course, ready for the next, though it does leave a slight minty taste on the tongue favoured by gnomes. Though this alcohol has its benefits compared to the brandy version, many gnomes, especially farmers, find it too costly, and this wine finds itself more popular among connoisseurs other races. Return to the top

Sometimes called "Neep Ale", this powerful brew is made from the peel, flesh, and leaves of the sweetneep. The process is very simple and every dwarven cavern across Sarvonia has a Kail-brew day, where the whole village helps to prepare the new batch of ale. First, the peel is cut off, leaving as little flesh on it as possible. Then, the flesh is cut into bite-sized chunks, which are then chewed by the old women of the village until they turn into a paste. This is then spit into a large wooden tub. Once all the flesh has been chewed, water, honey, and herbs are poured into the tub and the whole is mixed together. Next, the peel is added, and finally, the leaves are bruised and thrown into the mixture. The final step before the brew is left to ferment is the treading. Everyone who has helped in the ale-making removes their shoes and treads the mixture until no lumps can be felt between the toes. The tub is then left in a dark, warm cave for up to a full moonturn to allow the old womens slaver to ferment the ale. This ale is very popular amongst the dwarven community, and they fail to understand why no-one else seems keen to try it. Return to the top

This is a well known and beloved liqueur or mild spirit, found wherever the kitrauhre are growing. Due to the high amount of sandsting honey and the short fermentation time, not all of the honey has changed into alcohol, so the drink is fairly sweet. It has a light sparkling yellow colour. Return to the top

A hot brownish-red drink brewed from dried k'laaf beans (see Herbarium, k'laaf). Stimulant, anti-sophorific, increases heart rate. Mildly addictive. Has a creamy, fresh taste like chocolate mixed with pepper. Great in the mornings, especially with milk and a shake of salt. Return to the top

No relation to the Leithe Wine this is an afterdinner dwarven digestive liqueur made from lythien. This deep brown, bitter drink is known as "Lythe-Ale", and bottled in characteristic amber flasks. Return to the top

Made from mashed neep tubers, both red and white varieties are now to be found gracing the cellars of some of Sarvonia's finest castles and inns. Depending on the varity of neep used, the product is different. When made from the flesh of the furneep, this wine is as clear as fresh snow-melt and has a refreshing, slightly nutty taste, going well with venison or beef. If the sweetneep provides the base for this wine it is pale yellow, tastes sweeter than the white whilst retaining the nutty after-taste. It is regularly served with fish or poultry. The final varity is made using the flesh of the finest redneep. This earthy, full-bodied wine has a deep red, almost black, colour. An excellent accompaniment to boar, beef, or mutton. It makes an excellent accompaniment to boar, beef, or mutton. Return to the top

With a similar preparation method as the Medlarfizz this popular drink has the sweet taste of honey mixed with rosemint. Return to the top

This excellent clear white spirit has a high amount of alcohol and displays the scent of the kitrauhre unequalled. None other spirit has incorporated the spirit of Aeruillin as much as this extraordinary drink. Return to the top

This sailor's drink has possibly the worst reputation but the simplest receipt - it is a clear spirit made from tuberroot peels! Depending on the quality of the messroom mash, it may be as bright as icewater with a shock like snake venom, or cloudy as a storm at sea and leaving the drinker with a head the size of a pompion. Gnomes also make Stingo in small quantities but name it "Vhodkaa" and rarely export the stuff. Return to the top


The Svaq ’sober-drink’, often called "Soobrish", has a large number of fans among sailors. It is made by Daran gnomes, in this case mainly in and around Ciosa. Sailors drink it after a night on shore, when they get drunk in local taverns and are supposed to do work the next day. When swallowed by drunken people, Svaq makes people nearly completely sober again. It’s easy enough to tell apart from ale just by looking at it, as it is known by its rather brownish colour. Svaq is not available everywhere, though the main ingredient basiloc can be found all over central Santharia, however, the gnomes don't trade this special drink with everyone. Gnomes also produce a bitter version of Svaq, Gnorsaq. Return to the top

Similar to Stingo, Vhodkaa is the gnomes' version of this infamous drink. Also made from tuberroots, this drink is much the same to Stingo. However, it has the gnomes extra touch of which they will not tell. Loved among Gnorians, this drink is rarely exported, though a few Darans manage to get hold of some. Return to the top


Aohu'o Sweet Spiced Mead

Aohu'o Sweet Spiced Mead is a favorite drink of Brownies of the Aohu'o tribe (Akdorian Brownies) descent all over Caelereth, which is made from fermented honey. It is occasionally drunk among other races as well, but rarely, being seen as an exotic change from more normal fare. Return to the top

Only the dwarves know what this is brewed from, and they aren't about to say. Despite claims that mushrooms feature in the liquor, this strong dark beer is sought after by humans from one end of Sarvonia to the other. With a rich, slightly nutty aroma and a yeasty body, it is the classic accompaniment to a good venison roast, but washes down almost any salty. Return to the top

An unusual mixture, Sour Mead is a concoction made by Gnorians using both malisehoney and Gromar vinegar. The mead starts with a pleasant, sweet flavour, but when swallowed leaves a sour aftertaste and has been know to burn many a man’s throat. Quite popular among hobbits and men, and even more so amongst Gnorians, especially from Gnorath. An increase in trade demand has lead the city to expand its orchard and Bris farm tremendously. Return to the top

Golden in colour but less than golden to taste, this drink is common among Gnorian farmers. An unusual drink made of fermented eggs, using a secret known only to Gnorians. However, this may be due to nobody wanting to know how to produce it. It seems that only gnomes are able to handle its curious taste. Return to the top

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