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2412) John  Male
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Friday, 26 June 2015 02:03

Frankly, this website doesn't seem as active as it may have once been. Verily, it interests me to see how many people have, contributed(even slightly), and gone. Therefore, then, I ask: Is this website very active? Or is it kind of a shadow of what it once was? I mean no offense in asking this, and I am appreciative of much of the site, regardless.

Artimidor Friday, 26 June 2015 05:44
Hello John!

Well, yep, the site isn't as active as it once had been. Actually it's pretty inactive to be precise... ;) Indeed there was lots of activity in the olden days, so to see a list of former contributors I recommend to check the Team menu. Several reasons for that development: For example that various key members took time off to tend to their private lives (which is understandable), that search engines punish sites with frame design (as they are not compatible for portables and changing a 4000+ pages site means a heavy workload) and that a huge site like this cannot be maintained by just a few people (there's a practical limit on how much a webmaster can do). Well, this is all due to the circumstance that Santharia has always been a non-profit, spare time project, and the fact that it thrived for about 15 years is quite remarkable at any rate, I'd say. So yeah, give it some slack... ;) The situation is unlikely to change however, but nevertheless: There's at least enough content to keep a couple of role players and fantasy enthusiasts happy out there methinks. So enjoy while it's there!
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