Hematia (also called "Footsbane Flower" or "Rik'jyrl" in Kuglimz-Seitre) is a nasty, thorny plant, growing low to the ground, and killing almost every plant within a ped of its seed pod. It spreads quickly, and can cover perries in mere months. Hematia has a strong, fibrous root that is great for making cord and thread. The plant grows mainly in the North of Sarvonia, but has been seen more than once in the South, as well as in Nybelmar. It grows from treeline to sea-level, except where the water would submerge it more than once a year.

Appearance. Hematia is a sickly-looking gangrene plant, with shiny, teardrop-shaped leaves two nailsbreadths wide and three long, all of which grow in a circular mat on the ground, a fore and a half in diameter. A brown, spherical seed pod, approximately as big as the circle made by one's thumb and forefinger, grows on a stalk in the center of that mat. Under each leaf is a two-nailsbreadth-long thorn that, when stepped on, will break off inside the skin. The thorn, which is not unlike those of the Lashardia plant, punctures the leaf above it, which contains a powerful toxin that causes excruciating pain in an open wound. The toxin also causes the victim's blood to flow more freely, causing them to bleed very profusely. While this has never been said to kill anyone, a victim will usually be weaker than normal for up to two weeks afterward, while they regain the lost blood.

The plant's root system grows a ped in all directions from the central seed pod, and Hematia will kill anything within that radius, by making the soil very aceedic as well as taking all of the area's water for itself. The roots themselves are fibrous, shiny and almost pure white, making them look rather nice when used as stitching on some clothing. Hematia has killed entire harvests' worth of crops for some Northern farmers, and has indirectly led to the production of many utensils to quickly get rid of the plant - thus the plant among many farmers is called the "Footsbane Flower". Only a few of these actually work.. These also tend to be spiked and rather menacing, and would make good weapons in a pinch.
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Territory. The Hematia plant can grow almost anywhere. It is, however, surprisingly rare outside of a few parts of Sarvonia's North, and has been spotted growing in Nybelmar. It would grow to the treeline in most mountain ranges, and can survive second and third frosts that would kill weaker plants. The only mountain range that it is a common sight in is the Caaehl, however. It is also relatively common in the lands of the Kruul Peninsula, before the land becomes infertile. It is also seen in the Celeste Lowlands and the Kuglimz lands, and is scattered around the Kanapan Lands. Its toxin is actually more potent in the wintertime, under snow, and has been said to kill some small animals under these circumstances. The only place it will not grow is one with a moving waterline, like a swamp, or a particularly active floodplain. The plant drowns easily, and being submerged for so much as mere minutes in warmer climates leads to significantly raised chances of it dying of fungus.
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Usages. The Kanapan tribe of Northern Sarvonia sometimes makes cord out of Hematia, and the Kuglimz'ura are sometimes fond of the use of Hematia thorns as decorations, and they also make arrowheads out of them that will break off in the skin. The Kuglimz'ura are also fond of mashing together huge pots of the toxin found in the leaves before a battle, and dipping blades and arrows in it. It does a fine job of nearly immobilizing a foe, even from a minor wound or glancing shot. The Kuglimz'ura also tend to use the white roots to stitch their clothing, as it adds a nice accent. The root is impossible to dye, though, so it isn't all that widely used. Trolls have been seen using whole Hematia plants, tied onto their margh grumph fist weapons, where it may be a better addition then the trolls know.

Its main use, however, is its poison. As the Kuglimz'ura use it, it cripples foes with the sheer pain, and it is useful for torture for the same reason. Some of the Kuglimz and the Arthyrón have been known to concentrate the toxin, boiling the leaves for hours, replacing them when necessary, and removing the leaves so that the water boils away. A sticky paste is left that will burn bare skin when exposed to it. When boiled into a tea, it causes painful ulcers, bloating, and can leave one bedridden with pain and sickness for days, depending on whether it is administered more than once. The Arthyrón once hated the plant, and saw no good in it, but have grown fond of its poison, using it mainly as an enhancement to their arrows, and find it invaluable in driving off the greater hooded trolog.
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Reproduction. The Hematia plant grows a seed pod about two days after the mat of leaves grows. Once this seed pod reaches its height of about a fore, it starts to grow seeds. Two weeks after it starts, the onion-like outer layer falls off, and the seeds leave the pod by wind or whenever the seed pod is bumped into. The cycle will repeat three weeks after the first seed is released, meaning that it will deposit seeds every five weeks.
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