For each condition of the ailing body or mind there's a remedy to be found in the nature around us provided by the gods - or at least so the White Nehtorians say. In order to keep track of these essential healing herbs, they've been gathered here for easy reference.

Overview. The following healing herbs have been recorded so far in the Compendium:

Alrik'ran is a small woody bush with tiny coin shaped succulent green leaves and medicinal roots found growing in areas of scorched land in the Narfost Plain. Dependent on the plains-fires brought on by the lorahough's propensity to combust, this plant is a somewhat uncommon sight, but greatly in demand amongst the Shendar women of that area. Return to the top

The Alth'mon (lit. "Ice Plant") is a plant that is found North of the Tandala Highlands. Several different names are used for the plant depending upon its location. The name used here is the one associated with the Kuglimz. Further North it is called "Poiya" and to the Ice Tribes is is known as "Varro". It is used by some people to numb the body to aid in healing treatments, others though have been known to use it as a drug. Return to the top

A leafy plant about .75 peds in height with a bulb of greenery on the top with small white flowers hanging off the branches. In amongst the mess of a plant are small unattractive brown lumps (seeds) attached mainly to the thin main stem of the plant. It is the small brown seeds which when eaten causes the addictive caffeine effect. They should be used only with extreme caution.
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A beneficially parasitic vine. Long tendrils, delicate skyblue flowers, and semitranslucent oval leaves which flutter in the slightest breeze. Grows near the tops of high trees where it can catch air and sunlight. "Winders", as it is casually nicknamed by non-elves, is coincidentally good for pneumonia, allergic reactions, asthma, and any other lung-related difficulties.
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The Bladeleaf Fern is an incredibly useful plant, used by those familiar with it for both cosmetic and medical applications. Those familiar with it are primarily the Shendar, the Eyelians, the Brownies of the Vale, and the denizens of the dry regions of South-Central Santharia as a whole. Outside of Santharia, Bladeleaf can also be found in Aerullin and Western Nybelmar. Return to the top

The Canelvous is a rare brewing herb grown in scarce amounts by the humans in the Elverground. Because of its ability to soothe and relieve pain it is sought after by many people in the southern part of the continent. The leaves are sold almost all over the Santharian kingdom and are mainly found in the markets of New-Santhala.
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The Dreamer's Breath Flower

Dreamer’s Breath is a small wild flower that grows abundantly over most of Caelereth, particularly Southern Sarvonia. Surprisingly hearty against cold, Dreamer’s Breath will grow anywhere where there is sunlight, good weather, and moist, well drained earth. Dreamer’s Breath is known best for the relaxing brew made from its dried leaves. The Dreamer's Breath name was believed to have been dervived from the legend ascribing it's creation by the Goddess Eyasha by forming the Dreamer's Breath from a dreaming mother's breath. This legend also explains its more popular secondary names, among them Eyasha's Breath, Mother's Worry and Mother's Breath.
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A flat rosette of oval leaves close to ground, small lavender florets. Leaves bruised and laid over cuts have antiseptic, astringent properties. Well-known farmer’s remedy.
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A fascinating plant which has a euphemistic name and a number of uses, some more commonly known than others. Shaped like a hollow cup, in a pale greenish yellow colour, the Herb’oThreshold is actually carnivorous; small insects, ants, and flies which are attracted to the moist interior become trapped inside by the paralysing mists arising from the plant’s flesh.

Some enterprising race (probably the Brownies) discovered that these mists act as an anesthetic on minor wounds, numbing the surrounding area and relieving the pain for a short time. On small animals the fresh plant can even be used to render them unconscious for a short time - a few prized cats and dogs belonging to noble families have been successfully treated by well-paid if contemptuous physicians while under the influence of the Herb’oThreshold’s paralytic odours. The cats and dogs, that is, not the physicians. The plant is severed at the base, cut vertically open to form a flat slab of moist fiber, washed carefully, and then placed directly upon the wound and held for several heartbeats.

It is said to take its name from the fact that it can kill (insects, at least) thus "bringing them over Queprur’s Threshold". However, it is whispered, although only from mother to daughter, or among close female friends, that this plant can be applied prior to one’s wedding night, or even before any intimate encounter which one might find uncomfortable, or even, Lady forfend, boring...
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The Jeshanna Lily

This simple but spectacular bloom is a member of the lily family, although its long curving stems resemble a vine. The flower is an elongated cup or horn shape, which expands as it blooms and changes colour. It is notable for two qualities: first, its trick of blooming from bud to full-blown flower in a single day, which it then repeats daily until its three-month season is over, and second, its powerful medicinal qualities. It is also often refered to as "Shanna Lily", "Phoenix Flower", "Timelily" or "Firecup").
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This plant, with its bright Cyhalloi snow petals tipped with a faint waterberry blue colouring, is a beautiful sight. It also has many other uses besides looking pretty. Almost every part of the Mallowdrop plant has a medicinal use, and can even be made into a healthy candy for children called a "Mallowdrop". This has led to the Santharian region of Enthronia becoming populated with many large plantations growing the plant. This plant can survive anywhere that is sunny and moist during the spring and summer. The roots can survive a light winter, and the next spring and summer the plant will grow back even larger. In undisturbed areas, they have even grown to the height of an average human. Return to the top

Pale fern-green leaves, about a hand’s length, borne upon a single slim stalk. Flowers hang down in drooping curves of lavender pendants. Not a woman’s name, but a rare and lovely medicinal herb. The famous Brownie healing draught depends for most of its potency upon this plant. Leaves are bruised lightly and left to soak in an alcoholic fermentation for over a year.
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Miyu (me-you) Beans are taken from the Miyuestiac Bush and are a recently rediscovered plant seed rising in prominence among healers for their anesthetic properties. Overdoses of Miyu Bean mixtures however might be quite dangerous.
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The flowering and useful fruit-bearing Nightshade Bush may be found in chalky soils throughout southern Sarvonia. The plant is also known as "Hotvale" or "Coór's Bouquet". Perhaps the Alchemist Periklesius had this plant, among other potent herbal remedies, in mind when he wrote: “All the drugs are poisons, it is only a question of dose.”
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In the gap between the Auturian Woods and the Tolonian Heath grows a mysterious green moss. Appearing during the colder months of the year the Odea Moss Plant has been used be the Tethinrhim elves since it was discovered as a highly potent healing plant.
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Discovered by Murmillions in the southeastern forests of Nybelmar, this plant has become a minor export out of the Aca-Santerran Kingdom, and is usually traded and sold to nobility and royalty for its dental properties, and due to its rarity, is rather expensive. Return to the top

The Trinity Herb

The Trinity Herb is the sacred herb of Eyasha, Santharian Goddess of Peace, and therefore widely valued by many of her followers. It hosts a profusion of healing properties, and is recognized as a symbol of peace and welcome all across Sarvonia. Its intolerance for too much sunlight has made it elusive anywhere but in the shadiest forests. Elves and Brownies were the first to discover and use it, but its popularity is spreading as it is introduced in new environments. It is found growing in large clumps, due to the unusual method by which it reproduces. Return to the top

The Undertoe Herb is a lanky plant with lobed leaves and a thin form. It most frequently sprouts near the base of trees, preferring pines and other evergreen trees. For this reason, it can most commonly be found in Santharia’s wooded areas, be they larger forests or small copses dotting the countryside. The plant has shallow roots and usually a slightly minty scent. The small berries are often used in dyes, whilst the leaves are most commonly used in the treatment of foot odour problems.
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Yahrle is a common healing herb that is also referred to as "Meadow Hop", "Military Herb" or "Staunchweed". It is found mostly in sunny grassy areas throughout Caelereth and is used to treat wounds, dispel melancholy and can supposedly cure baldness and bring about a vision of a future mate. Return to the top

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