The Ptoria Weed is known for its strange appearance, looking like a small, quite straight bush with spiky thorns, and its incredibly fast rate of spreading. Over the years, it has spread all over the lands of Southern Sarvonia, and therefore it is sometimes referred to as the “Emigrant”. It is also known for its defensive uses, using the smell, thorns, and size to ward off animals.

Appearance. The Ptoria Weed has a very strange appearance. It looks like a small bush with a few tall, spiky thorns surrounding the stalk of the flower, and white puffs near the bottom of the stalk. In the summer, it grows large, lilac flowers, as the white puffs near the bottom slowly move upwards, along the stalk. They have their own stalks that push them upward. When the flowers have fully blossomed, they release their seeds into the white balls, which carry them far off, until they land, and plant the new Ptoria Weeds.

The long green leaves support the stalks in the middle, and at their maximum height, reach up to a a couple fores. Their leaves are stiff, hard to break, and thorny. Because of their overall threatening appearance, they are usually avoided by people, unless they are expert herbologists.

The appearance of the weed varies, depending on the climate. In moderate climates, Ptorias will grow in very dense clumps, and become very big and strong. In hotter climates, they will be more spread out, and only grow to about a fore. Sometimes the hot sun in the desert hints its leaves with a red hue. In winter climates, Ptorias are very small and weak, and tend to grow in sunnier parts, out of shade.
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Territory. The Ptoria Weed, being very strong, is able to endure living in almost any climate, and at any elevation. Therefore, the weed is known for inhabiting all of Santharia, but is more common in some parts than others. It is most prevalent in both Northern and Southern Sarvonia, and especially in the forests. The Ptoria's appearance, strength, and growth rate vary from climate to climate.
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Usages. The Ptoria Weed doesn't have many uses as a herb, but it has been used for defence. Often when travelling elves are looking for a place to stay for the night, they will pick a spot littered with Ptoria Weeds. They are said to do this because the weed's threatening appearance and sharp thorns keeps animals away, such as bears and wolves. Some human hunters and rangers, soon adapted this method.

Ptoria Weeds were also sometimes planted around a building site where a castle or fort were to be made. They were packed together densly in rows of five to keep enemies from attacking as a structure was being built in the meantime, though there were a few 2 ped wide gaps which were guarded by warriors - these were for bringing in materials, food for the workers, and new workers. When the building was completed, the weeds were removed by either simply cutting them down, or if they didn't want them to grow back, by uprooting them. The only disadvantages to this method were that the people working in the site could not leave, and that the weeds had to be planted weeks ahead of time so that they could grow to full size, though it is roumored that a hyper-growth formula has been discovered by gnomes, which allows the weed to grow to double its full size in only two weeks. It is said that the formula was created by mixing powdered zifel, shards of fireweed, and some rich soil from the Sharadon Forest, as it has been know to act as a great fertilizer.
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Reproduction. The Ptoria weed replants itself by sending its seeds off in small white balls. In the spring, the white balls begin to move from the base of the plant up to the top, where in the summer they are filled with seeds. When they land, they break apart and release the seeds, which then burrow themselves into the ground. After a few weeks, the seeds will begin to grow into new Ptoria Weeds.
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