Appearance. ("All-Flower") The Rik'tyan is a low lying flower that has many small petals that are all ruffled around the edges, they are formed all together so that it looks much like an irregular ball in shape. The Rik’tyan flower is a dazzling white, and grows upon a slender, green stem. It has a sweet smell from the petals, as well as the hidden nectar. They give off a fragrant odor to attract more attention from the local insects, as the nectar can only be found in a round indentation in the middle of the flower's dense corolla. Return to the top

Territory. The Rik’tyan only blooms for three days in the month Alé’veván (Month of the Singing Bird). It is found in Northern Sarvonia throughout the Mynian Plains and especially in the Celeste Lowlands.
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The many tribes in the area use the bloom for this flower for many different things. After being freshly picked the blooms of the Rik’tyan are simmered to bring out sweet juices of the nectar and petals. This juice is then mixed with other ingredients to make glazes and sauces. The bloom is also mashed and added to other items then fermented into strong mead that is highly sought after in these parts. The final and most common use of the bloom is to dry it. The drying process of the Rik’tyan flower makes the natural sugars in the petals and nectar decay. After the flower has been completely dried, it is then ground down into a spice which is used to season most items that are eaten in the region. The spice has a sweet, yet tart taste to it. Return to the top

Importance. The Rik'tyan plays an important role in the lives of the barbarian tribes of the north. It is named the "all flower" for two reasons in the barbarian tongue. The first being the simple fact that it is used in most if not all of the tribes' food in one way or another. The other reason it is called such is due to the time and length of its bloom. The Rik’tyan is said to come from Leir'Tyan, or the All Mother. She is the one that their deities, the Virtog, sprang from. It is said that Leir'Tyan bore all ten Virtog in but three days and that the flower was a gift of Hers to the tribes so they may know not only the beauty, but also the use of Her creation. The Taug Rik'tyan is one of the great feast times where the tribes celebrate this gift of Leir’Tyan.
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