Thergerim Mosses

Rockmoss is inedible; it is a heavily silicate growth which can be prepared and spun into a thin, strong fiber. The resulting rockwool is then used by the Weavewenders of the community to create the tough, slick fabric which makes up the basic tunics, pants, skirts, vests, and blouses of the Thergerim.

Cotton and other above-ground fabrics are commonly traded for to produce softer smallclothes (underwear) and children's garb. Babies often go naked for several years, as they are kept in the communal nursery, a moss-lined pit close to the hearth. Any sanitary indiscretions are quickly absorbed by the Moon-Moss, which is changed daily (dug under into the gardens to enrich the soil).

Xeuá-Taean, or ‘CurlyCarpet', is yet another moss which grows well underground. Though it is known to have sophorific qualities, the Thergerim use it only in its soft dried form to create chair cushions, fill mattresses, and pad protective clothing.

"Lightmoss", UrKurr, gives off a pale green luminescence by which one can see her way along otherwise unlit tunnels. Used in areas where torches are not worth the bother, or open flame might be dangerous.

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