YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.

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About the Era of Consolidation
fter the cataclysms of the past millenium, a time of relative calm and consolidation ensued. It would end in the Age of Myths, the time when the great elven myths were written down for the first time and our records on historical events start to become more and more accurate.

In the Era of Consolidation the races had to get used to the changed world, which was very different to the time before the War of the Chosen. The usage of magic was banned in most regions and there were severe punishments for those who breached these unwritten laws, and many people still lost their lives in the aftermath of the huge war a millenium ago as an urge for purification from the powers of evil took place. Nevertheless witchcraft, the usage of "dark and uncontrolled magic", had its peak at this time.

 Date of last edit 5th Dead Tree 1671 a.S.

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