YEARS 1.440 A.S. - 1.540 A.S.
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1.441 The Tyrant Dekron Lashes Back
War breaks loose between the Royalists and Helcrah. The Centoraurians and Helcrah revolt against the Tyrant Dekron and his Erpheronian supporters. Vardưnn is turned into a battlefield, and Nermeran is annexed by the Royalists. Cruelties against the people of Enthronia ensure that the Caltharians remain loyal to the central authority. The royalist conquer Varcopas and Strata.

Ximax declares neutrality in the progressing conflict.

1.456 Keepers of the Heir
While war rages across Santharia, the heir of the Santhros line is brought to Ximax for protection.

1.476 Grothunc's father is born in Ximax
Hidden within the Inner City, Grothunc's father is born in Ximax as the next heir to the Santhros line.

1.477 War between the Royalists and Helcrah over Xaramon
As the Royalists attempt to retake Xaramon from the Centoraurians, they are met by troops from Helcrah. North Vardưnn (Nermeran) interfers on the side of the Royalists, and the Royalists prevail. After defeating Helcrah, the Royalists declare war on Ximax and sweep into the Cha'domm peninsula.

1.480 Explosion at Ximax Magic Academy
In the early hours of the 14th of the Month of the Turning Star, the Magical Academy of Ximax experiences an enormous explosion. While the Academy itself remains mysteriously unharmed in the blast, most of the city, which girded the Academy, is utterly destroyed, and a tenth of its citizenry killed.

The exact cause and culprit are never determined, but because the deadly blast undoubtedly comes from the Academy, the Ximaxian mages contritely admit responsibility and offer their services toward rebuilding the city. The citizens of Ximax accept this offer, and the reconstruction effort begins. For the safety of the new city, it is moved to the northwest of where it has originally sprouted up, far enough away from the Academy to allow the citizens some peace of mind.

With the help of the mages, the denizens of Ximax Academy take approximately 20 years to complete the construction of the New City of Ximax.
Ximax Surrenders to Royalists
Helcrah (South Vardynn) cede Naios and Caelum to the Royalists after losing the war, and the Royalists then launch an attack on Ximax. Ximax, suffering from a powerful explosion that destroys a great deal of the city, decides to surrender to the Royalist army and is annexed into the Santharian Kingdom. Grothunc's grandfather loses his Ximaxian wife, and he and his eldest son flee to Varcopas and hides in the desert.
to 1.520
Emergence of Guild Halls, Boyzinna Hall, and the Temple of Jeyriall
During the construction of the new City of Ximax, while the able-bodied residents worked to reconstruct their homes and businesses, the elderly and the young resided in large, quickly-constructed communal halls. When neighborhoods were destroyed and the old city partitions blasted away, the denizens of Ximax rallied around their guilds; therefore, these halls were often erected around peoples of like-trade, such as jewelers, masons, and bankers. While the adults worked to rebuild their broken city, elders taught the children secrets of their associated trade, and the halls became, not only places of temporary sanctuary, but also places of learning. As the new city forms, just northeast of where it had original been, these communal halls become the guild halls now sprinkled throughout the city.

Following the explosion, a great many children are left without kin to care for them. For the purpose of providing food and shelter for these displaced orphans, or those who claim to be so, religious sects construct make-shift orphanages. The Nehtorians build Boyzinna Fellowship Hall on what is now the outskirts of Underside and Homestead in order to provide for the orphan boys. The orphan girls, meanwhile, are taken in by the priestesses of Jeyriall where now lies theGgoddess's temple in the borough of Hollyale.

1.507 Grothunc's Father returns to Ximax
Having established control over Ximax, many of the Royalist troops exit the city. With the decreased troops, Grothunc's father senses enough security to return to Ximax with his family.

1.509 Grothunc starts magic studies
Although under Santharian rule, the Magical Academy remains the heart of quiet dissent in the region, and Grothunc's father considers it the safest place for his son, Grothunc. Grothunc begins his studies at the Academy, who helps protect him by keeping his identity secret.

to 1.527
Grothunc Graduates and Travels
Grothunc becomes 4th level mage and graduates his studies at the Academy, and begins travelling through the Santharian Kingsom. During his travels a good nobleman recognizes the birthmark and sees it as sign of the Gods.


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