Introduction. This work in progress section is meant to give you a historical survey about all the events of concern in the world of Caelereth. It also offers you the exact dates of living of certain celebrities (kings, poets, philosophers, heroes etc.) and in case of writers you can find the dates when books were published etc. Eventually you may also find links concerning a specific topic in the Compendium so you can easily navigate through the realms.

The historical tables you can find here may be published someday with the Avaesthorķa trilogy itself, so it should always be up to date to prevent contradictions. Developers of Santharian history are advised to have a look at this section every now and then so that they can coordinate their own dates with the historical developments which have already been designed. Be aware that the tables are updated constantly and that updates may contain drastic changes - so be sure to check the web's history in order to get to know what historical details pur archivists have found out lateley!

Want to suggest something? Questions? Advices? Criticism? Want to be part of Santharian History yourself? I look forward to your mail!

The Calendars. The dates listed on the history tables all refer to the Santharian Calendar (SC, default if abbreviation is omitted), starting at the ascension of Santhros to the Santharian throne (at the year of 1648 due to the former Cournanian Calender), b.S. meaning before Santhros' ascension to the throne, * meaning that the date couldn't be determined (used at mythological events as the world's creation etc.). Although the Cournanian Calender (CC) is also in use at other continents it is neglected completely in the realms of Santharia and only historians refer to Cournan's dates.

And now, happy history lessons, yours,