YEARS 2.077 B.S. - 1.087 A.S.
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(YEARS 2.970 B.S. - 1.667 A.S.)
2077 b.S. The first Zhunite Contact with Anis-Anpagan
Anpagan galleys reach the Zhunite shores after a long and hard travel along the southern Nybelmarian coast. The Krean and the Anpagans agree to set up the first trade routes of the Zyloth Sea.

2050 b.S.
to 1990 b.S.
Anpagan Deforestations
Overzealous Anpagan ship builders have almost the entire Zhunite coast deforestated. While the trading of wood proves to be a most profitable business for the Zhunites, the long term consequences are disastruous.

1750 b.S.
to 1640 b.S.
The massive Anpagan Immigration
The Republican Wars in Anis-Anpagan cause a massive wave of refugees to seek out a new life on the shores of Zhun.

1743 b.S. The Second Zhunite Uprising
The chaos following the arrival of the countless waves of Anpagan refugees causes another set of large riots in the Zhunite cities. This time they are better organized, being helped by various Anpagan factions as well. The Krath Empire reacts in the same way and because Anis-Anpagan couldn't afford another large scale war, the rebellions are once again, crushed.

1655 b.S.
to 1648 b.S.
The Third Zhunite Uprising
The Zhunite cities take advantage of the Empire's troubles in the Orcal Wars and form a common council (the Assembly of Equals) proclaiming their independence. Anis-Anpagan salutes this decision sending them aid against the Empire's retaliation. Eventually, after seven years of continuous struggles the Zhunite city-states are recognized as such by the Krath Empire. Yet although from this point on their independence is generally unquestioned, they remain under the heavy influence of the new Anis-Anpagan republic.

to 1.072
Struggle for the Ferrath Islands
Anis-Anpagan, which has controlled these islands for centuries already, Aca-Santerra and Korweyn lead a row of campaigns in order to gain control over the Ferrath to control the trade with the Sarvonian continent.

1.087 The Ferrath Islands stay under the control of Anis-Anpagan
Despite all effort of Aca-Santerra and Korweyn, the Ferrath Islands of Nybelmar remain with Anis-Anpagan. even though various priviliges are given to Aca-Santerra and Korweyn. Various smaller colonies all over Wernam break down due to the massive exploitation of resources of the soil. They are abandoned leaving the native population with nothing left. Trade with Sarvonia is slow due to long travel times, the restrictive policy of the Santerrans and the dangerous sea. Usually expensive luxuary goods from both continents are exchanged.


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