YEARS 4.000 B.S. - 1.087 A.S.
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(YEARS 4.300 B.S. - 3.170 B.S.)
ca. 4000 b.S. Kassite Migration
The Kassites come to the southeastern part of Nybelmar as the Korweynite Empire is on the brink of war. As mercenaries and soldiers they quickly earn the right to settle within the borders of the Empire but the fate of Korweyn seems to be sealed. In the last Battle at the Ranesh only the Kassites stay loyal to the empire and fight with the Korweynites but the battle is lost. An elite guard of Kassite cavalrymen rescues a heir to the Korweynite throne and hides him among their own ranks. The Korweyn Empire falls and Nybelmar falls into a dark age...

ca. 3200 b.S. The Defeat of Korweyn
Many wars have been waged between the empire of Korweyn and the Murmillion kingdom, called "The Second Shadow" (Realm). The Korweyn Empire was already in its decline though, so more and more lands fell to Murmillions until they extended their rule to Eypesh river. Murmillions defeat the last emperor of Korweyn near this river and thus destroy their greatest enemy. However after this grand victory they suffer their own decline and soon most of the conquered lands fall into anarchy.

(YEARS 2.970 B.S. - 1.667 A.S.)
ca. 2000 b.S. Rise of the Second Empire of Korweyn
Tiara Ueweniel, the "Evenstar", has been raised by the warskilled Kassite horsetribe their way. She is the only successor in the direct bloodline and is crowned as first Empress of Korweyn, leader of the Korweynite people. Taught in the Kassites' way of life she adopts many traditions from their culture and makes them an important factor in the new Empire, and loyal vassals of her cause. After an age of darkness the Korweynites pacify many of the regions that once belonged to their realm and bring law and order to the lands.

956 b.S. Three Stratanian Ships reach the Ferrath Islands
First contact is made with representatives of the Old Empire of Korweyn. Strata establishes a trade route with the islands but isn't allowed to explore the continent of Nybelmar further.

320 b.S. Rage of the Isle-Kingdoms
The Santerran houses turn against each other in disputes about land, fishing rights and domination in the conquered lands. They prove to be little of a match as the new empire of Korweyn rises and risks to be conquered but until very late the so-called "Rage of the Seakings" is an epoch of ongoing war and campaigns between the noble houses. Euri is added to the Santerran domain.

ca. 0 Kassite Border Duties
The Kassites settle beside their traditional grazing ground also farther east near the Jerrah as part of a security policy by the Empire to secure the border to Aca-Santerra. Believing in the absolute loyalty of the Kassites the emperor thinks that having trained warrior clans nearby would help to ensure peace at this border.

298 The "Oath of the Three Seakings"
The lords of Therigal, Zigorath and Delvynnar sign a treaty to counter the threat of the Korweynites to the west and the Murmillions to the north. The footholds on the continent are entrenched, the fleet increased in size.

422 Founding of the Aca-Santerran Duchy of Altyr
Aca-Santerra makes peace with Korweyn which is forced to accept the Jerrah as the borderline between Atyra and the Empire.

600 Santerran Expansion along the Jerrah
The Aca-Santerran duchies of Katarrah and Artakar are founded. Another war against Korweyn end in the gain of the Green Fields.

875 Korweyn overruns the Green Fields
In a terrible onlsaught the legions of Korweyn overrun the Green Fields winning a bridge over the Jerrah besieging Katarrah and Altyr. The port of Altyr is completely destroyed during this war because of the major fighting that takes place at the entrance of the port to cut off supplies for the cities.

876 Peace between Korweyn and Ac-Santerra in exchange for the Green Fields
Aca-Santerra pledges for peace in exchange for the Green Fields and an incredible amount of money. The Zerrevan dynasty of Korwein accepts and initiates the building of heavy defense structures at the Jerrah.

to 1.072
Struggle for the Ferrath Islands
Anis-Anpagan, which has controlled these islands for centuries already, Aca-Santerra and Korweyn lead a row of campaigns in order to gain control over the Ferrath to control the trade with the Sarvonian continent.

1.087 The Ferrath Islands stay under the control of Anis-Anpagan
Despite all effort of Aca-Santerra and Korweyn, the Ferrath Islands of Nybelmar remain with Anis-Anpagan. even though various priviliges are given to Aca-Santerra and Korweyn. Various smaller colonies all over Wernam break down due to the massive exploitation of resources of the soil. They are abandoned leaving the native population with nothing left. Trade with Sarvonia is slow due to long travel times, the restrictive policy of the Santerrans and the dangerous sea. Usually expensive luxuary goods from both continents are exchanged.


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