YEARS 11.750 B.S. - 1.641 B.S.
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(YEARS 11.900 B.S. - 10.000 B.S.)
ca. 11750 b.S.
to 11550 b.S.
Sophronia's Journey with Minar
When Minar, the Calvary leader during the Great Sundering, moves with his calvary south to the coastal areas below the Prominent Mountains the Sophronians go along with him but for a price. Any male child who reaches the age of 16 years will be turned over to Minar's calvary.

Sophronia doesn't like the idea but consents as there are no other choices since the rest of the human tribes don't want them. They are finally given a parcel of land in the farthest southern border of the Mynian kingdom.

ca. 11550 b.S. The Foresighted One's Legacy: The Death of Sophronia
Sophronia with no young men to protect the tribe trains the women and daughters. They become very good horsewomen and develop weapons and techniques that suit them well.

When the orcish Ashz-oc tribe descend down from the Prominent Mountains her tribe fights with distinction but the orcs are too much and finally destroy the Mynian Kingdom, the remnants of the kingdom along with the remnants of Sophronia's tribe flee across the Liben River. Sophronia herself dies during the war with the orcs. It is decided that the eldest daughter of Sophronia will rule and lead the tribe. Her name is Alala, the "War Goddess".

(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
3000 b.S.
to 2097 b.S.
First Trade Alliances between Injerín, Mynians and the Kurakim
For the first time in countless centuries the Injerín create an alliance of trade and brotherhood with the nearby Kurakim dwarves and human Mynian Kingdom.

2097 b.S. The Mynian Men, the Injerín Elves and the Kurakim Dwarves sign a Peace Pact
The Kurakim Clan signs a peace treaty with the Shaded Forest Elves, the Injerín, and the Mynian Humans. For the first time since the Years of Cleansing, dwarves, elves and humans work together and begin to build faith.
2097 b.S.
to 2050 b.S.
Construction of the Mithril Bridge
Expressing a desire to revive the forest known as the Folkmore Trees the Kurakim along with fire attuned mages of the Injerín work together to create one of the wonders of the North, the Mithril Bridge. The ore is provided by the Mitharim Clan.

2039 b.S. Minar II. is allowed to visit the Caverns of Kalern
The Mynian King meets with the Kurakim. They renew the vows of the Peace Pact over fire and spirits, and draw up a blueprint for the city of Vermoth.

2038 b.S. Building of Vermoth the Many-Towered
Dwarf masons plan and build the Mynian human colony of Vermoth with elven wood-witchery and human builders' assistance.

ca. 2000 b.S. The Coining of the Mynian Currency System
The Kurakim dwarves create a system of currency for the Mynians to replace their existing primitive barter system.

(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1649 b.S. The Fall of the Mynians
Singing Bird. With the orcs forced to move south, the shadow elves soon come against the humans of the Mynian empire. The strength and courage of the men fighting during those dark days becomes legendary. For months they stemm the flood of orcs and goblins, but in time they are simply overwhelmed. Their borders are soon overun and their great city Weavermoth is put to the flame, so the orcs can not take it.
1649 b.S.
to 1641 b.S.
The Long Trek
Some of the orcs set up a stronghold in the foothills above the ruined Weavermoth, while the many of the others pursue the Mynians. Thousands are caught near the coast as they try to flee and are hacked down, leaving bodies and bones covering the beaches and land. This later causes the area to be named the Skeleton Coast. Those not caught here flee inland.

1648 b.S. The Fall of the Mynian Kingdom
The Injerín and Kurakim halt an invasion of the Losh'Oc and stop their massacring of the Mynian people. Though the Mynian Kingdom has already fallen.

1641 b.S.
to 1601 b.S.
The Genesis of the Kuglimz Tribes
Ten men who have taken it upon themselves to see that some of their people survived lead those that flee inland. The men, and those that follow go their separate ways, as disagreement or flight necessitates. These survivors of the once glorious empire will eventually lose remembrance of what they are, for none have time to bring books with them in the haste of their flight. These people wiill become known as the Kuglimz (tribes).


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