YEARS 1.679 B.S. - 1.179 B.S.
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(YEARS 2.970 B.S. - 1.667 A.S.)
1679 b.S.
to 1648 b.S.
The Orcal Wars
The Krath Empire is involved in a thirty years bloody war against the western orc tribes. The Zhunites are drafted in the Empire's armies from time to time, but generally they are kept out of the way. The Empire's grip on Zhun though, is weakened with each passing year.

1655 b.S.
to 1648 b.S.
The Third Zhunite Uprising
The Zhunite cities take advantage of the Empire's troubles in the Orcal Wars and form a common council (the Assembly of Equals) proclaiming their independence. Anis-Anpagan salutes this decision sending them aid against the Empire's retaliation. Eventually, after seven years of continuous struggles the Zhunite city-states are recognized as such by the Krath Empire. Yet although from this point on their independence is generally unquestioned, they remain under the heavy influence of the new Anis-Anpagan republic.

1431 b.S.
to 1420 b.S.
The Orcristh-Doimo Conflict
A group of Doimo hunters ambush and kill a Orcristh hunting party on a journey through the desert, as the Doimo remember that Orcristh adventurers burned and slaughtered their clans some hundred years ago. The great medicine man Otharak leads the clan which will later be called "Emohod" (the "Orcs-is-Burning" clan), wielding his rare talent for fire magic to burn the Orcristh during an ambush. Greatly angered, the king starts a small war against the Doimo, mainly one-sided. The conflict lasts for some time, however, the Doimo are still wary of the orcs.

It is during this conflict the Emehod clan gets its name, as their clan medicine man makes orcs burst into flames if they are careless enough to move far enough from their own magicians. Still, most of this war is spent keeping the women, children and elderly away from the Orcristh, while the hunters sometimes get the chance to feather a few of their enemies. At the worst part of the war, the lands occupied by the Orcal troops are abandoned.

Among the many stories from this time, one is more famous than the other. It is about a boy caught by a group of 10 Orcristh soldiers. The soldiers force him to take them to his camp, and the boy leads them. But instead of taking them to his home, he leads them astray into the Thirstlands. The orcs are angry the third day of finding nothing, and the discussion becomes heated. During the fuss, the boy flees, leaving the soldiers without a guide in a land they cannot survive for long in. Some days later, a group of hunters notices carrion birds on the horizon, and finds 7 dead Orcristh warriors. The boy becomes a band chieftain several years later.

1189 b.S. Competing for Supremacy at the Uiyujappa Canyon
Various cities within the canyon of the fertile Uiyujappa River compete for supremacy as well as herding and waterrights.

1179 b.S. The Orcal Union
A union of the various towns and districts is made under one ruler named Orcal. Lateron he's seen as descendant of the Gods and a God himself and will gain absolute power in the kingdom.


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