YEARS 9.023 B.S. - 735 B.S.

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About the Skydom of Qel'tra'loh
Qel'tra'loh is that legendary, but nevertheless and paradoxically still existing island kingdom (or "skydom" as the "Lohans" say) founded solely upon magic off the coast of western Santharia. Its unclear roots date back millennia, at least so much is for certain, and its wondrous arcane, well guarded secrets have been preserved to this very day, despite the many failed attempts to conquer the island or undermine its leadership through intrigues, assassination plots or feigned trading relations with actual intent to spy on Lohans or smuggle powerful magical goods and information out of the realm. After all Qel'tra'loh's unrivaled fame stems from the fact that nearly the entire population is capable of using magic, with varying proficiencies of course, but generally in astounding capacities unheard of in the rest of Caelereth. Rumours abound that this has to do with a unique magical mineral, aca'hál (Styrásh for "pulsating ground"), that unfolds its stupefying qualities in conjunction with ancient arcane elven lore, today only known to the Lohans themselves.

Among the most famous of Qel'tra'loh's usages of magic are - as every Santharian child already knows - its permanently floating islands and the magical skyships. All of these phenomenons are also said to be source or inspiration of the skydom's rather unusual name meaning literally "away, above and below" in Styrásh. However, the floating pieces of land and the skyships are not the only key application of magecraft on the island. also all regular businesses use magic in one form of another. Blacksmiths make use of runes and potions to imbue their weapons with beneficial qualities; farmers use magic to create crops that will grow faster and have better results; architects reinforce their buildings with small spells, and can protect them against weather; merchants use gates formed by rock arches enchanted with extremely powerful spells to travel long distances in short amounts of time. Magic is even taught in schools from a young age, and from there children can branch into any area they wish to. As it is, the island is one of the few places in the whole world where magic truly is an everyday thing and not mainly imagined as stories that are told around warm fires.

The Qel'tra'loh skydom stretches over a couple of hundred strals in both directions and is located west of the United Kingdom of Santharia in midst the Dark Sea, well protected by reefs and, naturally one might add, various magical defense mechanisms. The capital of the country is called Corloth, and since this is its most famous city, the people are called Corlothans. Lohans are a exceptionally proud people, and this applies especially for Corlothans where the most mages of the realms live. The leader of the city, the Skylord (or lady) traditionally has always been one of the most powerful wizards of the the skydom if not the whole known world.

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(YEARS 9.500 B.S. - 8.500 B.S.)
9023 b.S. The Birth of a Magical Island
The War of the Chosen brings death and destruction upon Caelereth, and Dra've'ensle along with his fellow white Chosen, Coulande, perish in the Battle of Winds when fighting Eckra the Cruel, Avatar of Queprur. An ensuing gigantic maelstrom rips the lands apart, and a landmass is separated from the mainland at this time, but not without Coulande's final "gift" to the world: After having linked his soul to the place he has built, Coulande's demise extinguishes his stronghold with him...

The place however is still imbued with the dazzling powers of its creator, which sink into its soil and transform it, giving birth to a new kind of mineralm the "aca'hál" (Styrásh for "pulsating ground").

(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
ca. 980 b.S. The Erpheronian sailor Aehphael strands on Qel'tra'loh
The shipwrecked Erpheronian sailor Aehphael strands on one of the islands of Qel'tra'loh and lives for years in a humble abode he has constructed from simple logs and leaves.

965 b.S. The first Skylord Sah'nat'rar rises
The shipwrecked Aephael survives on Qel'tra'loh's southern island Waesh'car'scál because he observes the magical storms carefully and learns where not to venture when he set out to forage. Eventually he passes this precious knowledge on to a group of independent Injérin and human mages who have come to investigate the phenomenons bringing with them their very own approaches on the workings of magecraft.

The corridor they use to circumnavigate the reefs by the way since then has been called "Aephael's Strait", and the elven leader of these bold researchers, Sah'nat'rar, eventually becomes the first Skylord, and Aephael his right hand.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
735 b.S. Caltharian and Erpheronian debacle on Twelve-Sword Island
Joined Caltharian and Erpheronian forces try to conquer the Skydom of Qel'tra'loh and suffer horrible losses at what would later become Twelve-Sword Island ("Waesh'car'scál"). No less than twelve human heroes of legendary fame perish in the many magical traps that protect the island.


 Date of last edit 13th Fallen Leaf 1674 a.S.

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