YEARS 837 B.S. - 1.428 A.S.
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(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
ca. 837 b.S. Drak's Discovery of Quios
The Erpheronian pirate Drak along with five other ships make landfall at the Isles of Quios during a horrific storm. Three of the ships are lost in the journey to this isles, and one founders on the reefs of the island of Volveran. Some say the island is named after the true name of Drak. Due to leading his crews and their families through the terrible storm to safe harbourage he is given the title "Stormlord".
ca. 837 b.S.
to 835 b.S.
Drak's Exploration of Quios
Exploration of the rest of the Isles of Quios, as they would later become known, is done in small boats by the former Erpheronian pirate Drak and his men. It is at this time that the humans come across other people. They are the Querinlon elves. It is decided that the forest will be named after the elven tribe that lives there.

ca. 835 b.S. Founding of Port Gillwin
The port of Gillwin is founded, and named after Drak's son. This heralds the move from the island of Volveran to the present day main island of Killyshmagost. From this point forward Gillwin becomes the center of human activity in the island chain.

ca. 827 b.S. Erpheronian Contacts with Denilou
The Erpheronian Drak Stormlord makes one of several lengthy exploratory trips from his base at Gillwin. On this one he happens to find the Island of Denilou. There his charisma wins over even the suspicious dwarves. One younger son of a clan by the name of Wilvong becomes enchanted with the stories of the mountains of these new islands and journeys to them by himself.

ca. 825 b.S. Founding of Bollgun
The town of Bollgun is founded on Quios and becomes the primary farming center for the humans.

823 b.S. The Dwarf Wilvong returns to Denilou
The dwarf Wilvong returns to Denilou on one of Drak's ships and convinces some of his younger cousins to journey with him back to the Mountains of Learc on Quios.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
820 b.S. First dwarven Settlement on Quios
The dwarven city of "Heaven's Gate" is founded near a large vein of gold. Soon, the Wilvong Dwarves, as they are now known, start a healthy trade with Drak giving him gold and iron in exchange for foodstuffs grown in the fields of Bollgun and as a tribute to allow them to stay in the mountains.

817 b.S. Founding of the City of Quios
Drak's younger brother Quios along with Quios' son Kathar found the city of Quios and name the island on that it is located Quios'Kathar.

812 b.S. Drak's Return to the Erpheronian Homeland and First Deals
An old Drak sets foot in the lands of Erpheronia once more with fifteen ships filled with goods from Denilou, their own goods, and Wilvong gold. He strikes a deal with the new Erpheronian king and outright buys a decripit section of the Erpheronian port of Veltin. In little time, walls, docks, and other buildings are built and trade first begins.

809 b.S. Quios, Drak's Nephew takes over
Drak Stormlord dies, and his nephew Quios takes his place as head of the fledgling kingdom and shipping guild. It is his greed that drives the shipping guild to head in the direction that it is now.

751 b.S. The Stormcloak Guild expands
Stormcloak trade expands to include the Caltharian port of Carmalad, where they buy their way into another section of port. By now, the fleets have grown and eager young men from from Erpheronia join Quios. It is at this time that the name Quios Shipping Guild is first used. Also, the island chain is referred to as the Quios Islands.

610 b.S. The Kingdom of Quios
The Isles of Quios are recognized by Erpheronia and Caltharia as an independent kingdom. This is true in name only, for it is a navy with a kingdom, rather than the other way around.

532 b.S. The Stormcloaks Guild Complacency
This begins a time of several hundred years when the leaders of the guild become more complacent and tend to follow certain easy trade routes.

269 b.S. The Conflict with Dorania
Trade is not allowed by the Kingdom of Dorania. This causes a naval conflict between them and the Stormcloak guild of the Isles of Quios. This galvanizes the Stormcloaks and begins another wave of expansion.

267 b.S. New Southern Shipping Routes
The war is resolved with the stipulation that the Isles of Quios be allowed to own in eternity a full half of the main port of Kaar-Ypherran. This is a major victory as it gives credence to the Quios Shipping Guild being more than just traders, but a major naval power. This also opens up new shipping routes to the south.

250 b.S. Trade Relations of the Stormcloaks with Strata
Trade is done for the very first time with Strata. The Stormcloaks note the importance of this port, especially with its connection to Shan'Thai and all of the goods of Aeruillin. Strata, being proud and secure in its own trading abilities does not allow the guild any special port areas.

150 b.S. Trade Relations with Shan'Furionis
After getting rebuffed by Strata, and more importantly their strong fleets, the Quios Shipping Guild searches the Aeruillin coast for their own trading partners amongst the peoples that live there. In time they find Shan'Furionis and establish relations there.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
50 b.S. Stormcloak Port at Shan'Furionis
Years of good relations with the people of Shan'Furionis create the chance of getting their own piece of the port. Of course, they are quick to the opportunity and now have their relations.

(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
245 Orcs settle on the Island of Volveran
Very limited trade is done between the Stormcloaks guild and the Losh-Oc and Ashz-Oc orcs in Northern Sarvonia. This leads to several orcs coming along with the Stormcloaks and being settled on the island of Volveran.

(YEARS 610 A.S. - 825 A.S.)
696 Plague in Quios
A plague brings back by a Horizonmaster from some distant island wipes out a lot of the infrastructure of the Isles of Quios, especially nearly all of the elven population.

800 Pirate Attacks near Strata
The Stormcloaks try to expand to the west, but Strata and the western ports fear the competition and that the Stormcloaks may start to overtake the trade with Nybelmar and Akdor. Their ships are attacked by "pirates" as soon as they pass Thalambath.

(YEARS 825 A.S. - 1.062 A.S.)
827 Stormcloak Port in Strata
After many years of quarrels, finally a treaty is signed, which states that the Stormcloaks will stay away from the western seas. In exchange they get a space in Strata for their own harbour, along with the right to found one in Shan'Thai as well. Trade is not completely free though, and conditions are put upon certain goods, so Strata is still only trade partner with Shan'Zarathan and the only provider of the jakesha fish.

850 Stormcloak Port at Thylascuran
In secret negotiations, Strata talks with the Stormcloaks to open a direct way to Thylascuran, which so far has been the trading privilege of Shan'Thai. Several problems arise at first with the new people that the Quios Shipping Guild meets. With the expertise of Stratanian merchants however, the contact to the strange culture is successful and a new port of the guild can be established there.

(YEARS 1.062 A.S. - 1.144 A.S.)
1.115 Stormcloak Shipmaster killed near the Kanapan Peninsula
A shipmaster of the Stormcloaks Guild finds his way to the Kanapan Peninsula and is killed.

(YEARS 1.144 A.S. - 1.440 A.S.)
1.203 Trade with the Kanapans
The noble by the name of Heirone alo Geiro of the Cahm Tribe in southern Kanapan agrees to trade with Quios Shipping Guild. This opens up a whole new region of trade with exotic goods.

1.239 Stormcloak Kanapan Port
The Stormcloaks are allowed to build their facilities on a central island in a small delta that flows between the city of Trigoire and Kurstir. A very expensive tax is placed upon them, however the money they get for the goods in Santharia more than makes up for it.

1.252 New Stormcloaks Ports at Yisindo and Ulig
Two islands to the east of the Kanapan Peninsula are discovered by the Stormcloaks. They are Yisindo and Ulig. An enterprising Horizonmaster decides to make a port and lighthouse here to allow further exploration north.

ca. 1.400 Discovery of Cyhalloi
The continent of Cyhalloi is discovered.

1.428 Beginning of Trade with the Kasumarii
A small Stormcloaks port is set up on the island of Ludor and trade begins with the Kasumarii.
Stormcloaks Secrecy
There are no exploratory records after this date. This is common, as the Stormcloaks usually keep things away from others for as long as possible so that they may keep their edge in trade and be the only "middle man".

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