YEARS 14.000 B.S. - 13.950 B.S.
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(YEARS 14.000 B.S. - 13.000 B.S.)
ca. 14000 b.S.
Avanian Faith Twelvern Faith
The Elves as the Guides through the Times of Sorrow
After the recent cataclysmic events - the splitting of the land, the enduring earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and floods - uncertainty spreads among the races. They disperse all over the lands, following different leaders, and thus a multitude of tribes develops in the course of time, each one with its own goal and destiny. Many of those who are uncertain follow the elves however, who move north and promise that their faith and trust in Av, the Dreamer of All, will help them overcome these difficult times.

ca. 13950 b.S.
to 13350 b.S.

Avanian Faith Twelvern Faith
The Birth of the Ancient Elven Empire of F'v'cl'r
A settlement forms finally at a place which seems blessed with beauty, a place, that is devoted to the worship of the High Goddess Av and all of Her creations. Elves take the lead, and desperate for alternatives, the humans, the orcs and several minor races join them to reestablish a tight-knit community as it had been before. Only the dwarves refuse strictly to follow the elves and create their own realms under the mountains.

Over the following centuries the once small settlement grows and grows and turns into a proud and thriving empire, which would be known as "F'v'cl'r" ("Blessed Land of Av"), with its magnificent capital bearing the name "F'v'drm" ("City of Av").


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