YEARS 80 A.S. - 280 A.S.

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About the Fymbels Association
he Fymbels are an association of artisan guilds, whose members work throughout the Kingdom of Santharia. Founded by female stonemasons, the Fymbels have played an important historical role by paving the way for women to practice crafts that were regarded as “men’s work” in the traditions of many Santharian tribes. To this day, the majority of Fymbels are human women. The Fymbel association consists of seventeen guilds, each of which oversees a different craft. Five of the most important guilds are the stonemasons, the woodwrights, the luthiers, the tapestry makers, and the puppeteers. Colloquially, the Fymbels are also known as “Shufflishers” (after their bewildering argot, which they call Shufflish), or as “Fuzzle Lovers” (for their emblem is the humble but nimble fuzzle mouse).

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(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
ca. 80 The Fymbel Association is Founded
Three women found a guild for female stonemasons. They call themselves Fanya the Fuzzle, Katra the Mouth, and Myrael the Ponderer.

(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
228 The Meeting of Mages
When back from his involuntary stay in the North Santhran Lysarian initiates a meeting of Thalambathian and Ximaxian authorities, several in magic interested noblemen, and representatives from the Fymbels association, as well as the Mashdai Traders. He demands that the practising mages who travel the land or are generally working outside from Ximax found a guild which will prevent sluggish, irresponsible work like the one which caused his recent accident.

After several weeks of discussion an agreement is found about the founding of an 'Order of Magecraft'. It is founded on the tenth of the month under the presidency of the Santhran. The first members are ceremonially inducted, among them several high ranked Ximaxian mages, a Pryus of Thalambath and three Thalam Wizards. The first order-owned 'house of magic' is opened, the first school of the order established. As first grandmaster, a high-ranked wind mage of Ximax, Xaron Worthwhile, is installed. His task is for now to organise the forming of the order, to recruit members, initiate dependencies in the other provinces and big cities of Santharia.

280 200 year Anniversary of the Fymbel Association
Santhran Lysarian's last 'official' appearance is on the occasion of the 200 years anniversary of the Fymbels, an all-female craft association.

Lysarian has always admired the work of that small guild of stonemasons, especially as they were all women. He is so taken by the idea of female 'craftswomen' that he wishes to sponsor them. As the women in question are mainly of low social rank, this is not an easy task. Finally he donates them a guild house in Santhala and is determined to say a few words at the opening ceremony. It is out of question to appear there as the former Santhran, so he visits the event incognito, disguised as lower ranked noble, and holds a short encouraging speech.


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