YEARS 1.648 B.S. - 79 A.S.
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(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1648 b.S. Capturing of the Hawkfeather Brownie Band
The elven ship "Helnaura" anchors off from Akdor after the Year of Darkness has ended. The entire Hawkfeather band, now numbering just over eighty individuals, hides themselves among the supplies on the landing boats, and so manages to find hiding places aboard ship. Weeks later, the ship's cook, noticing supplies missing and suspecting rats, searches for the culprit and finds the Brownies. He realises that they are sentient beings, so they are brought before the captain Macharean, member of the League (a secret elven society trying to find out the best way for a harmonical rule of the world). He spares their lives and brings them to Artemidor, the inspirator and leader of the League.

1647 b.S. The Brownie Co-operation with the League
The captured Hawkfeather Brownies found on a boat coming from Akdor are presented to Artemidor, the leader of the League, and are meant to be the solution to a problem he is facing. By that time the Council of the League has decided to proceed with an experiment to determine whether the human race will be able to bring harmony to Sarvonia as the leading element of a co-operation of the races.

As a symbol both of the experiment and the Tree of Life the League decides to plant the Artapherana, the Trees of the Elements, dedicated each to one of the main races. The place of the plantation was found a while ago and the necessary arrangements to prevent settlement of the area are already made. However, the trees need several centuries to grow to their full size and, until then, someone has to take care of them until the humans will settle in this area. The Brownies, with their small size, and now used to living and digging underground, can easily accomplish this task.

So Artemidor asks the Brownies for their co-operation in the quest. The Brownies, by this time thoroughly demoralised by their apparent abandonment by the spirits, and by their long living in hiding underground, are quick to grasp at hope, even if, for the moment, it is someone else's hope. They eventually come to share wholeheartedly in the elves' dream, and even to worship the elven Goddess, Avá the Beautiful.

The years that follow the Brownies are "educated" by the elves so as to be ready, when the time will finally come. This process is so deep that they adopt the elven language, Styrásh.

1600 b.S. The Planting of the Artapherana
The Artapherana are planted upon a hill in an island at the north-western border of Erpheronia and Centorauria and the Brownies are put in charge as protectors of the trees. Those gifted in Brownie Life Magic learn to bend and adapt the holy light deriving from the Artapherana, tricking the eyes of distant observers and making them entirely invisible outside the hill.

The next centuries the Brownies take care of the trees and often welcome elven visitors who provid them with lots of knowledge and information about the process of the experiment.

850 b.S. The League's first Contacts with the Humans
The League tries to re-introduce the elven civilisation to the humans. Among the first they contact are peaceful villagers living in the valley between Salsair and the High Fores. Elves from Goltherlon will visit them and familiarise them with the elven culture. Prince Tacunija from Goltherlon is the most important of them. Moreover, it will be interesting to monitor their reaction to the next human-elven war.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
803 b.S. The League choosing of the Erpheronians
The Artapherana Trees have long ago developed to their full size but still no human tribe can be found to match the criteria of the experiment. In this year the Brownies are informed that the tribe is finally found. It will be the Erpheronians.

800 b.S. The League's Choosing of the Helcrani
The Helcrani decide to seek refuge in a safer place but the League fails to guide them to the selected place and they resort to the High Fores for salvation where they accepted dwarves inside their society. After counceling the League decides to change the subject of the experiment, abandoning the Erpheronians, and chooses the Helcrani as the worst human tribe for the experiment. The Brownies are informed of these facts.

730 b.S. A Plague strikes Helcrah
A plague strikes Helcrah and Goltherlon and most of the humans, many dwarves and even elves follow Helronn and seek refuge in Centorauria. The Centoraurian king Arpalann gives the Helcrani permission to settle at the north of his kingdom as long as they swear allegiance to him and live as his vassals.

As the Helcrani reach the coast, the Brownies release their magic, revealing the trees and the refugees are guided by the light to its source. There they find the Artapherana and the Brownies, whom they name Milken ("small ones").
Founding of Milkengrad, the "City of Wonders"
Milkengrad is founded in Efirhal Island ("Firehill") around the hill with the same name. The name of the city derives from the Milken Brownies, who guide the Helcrani following instructions of the elven League - "Milkengrad" translates literally to "City of the Small Ones" according to the Brownies, while the humans claim that it actually means "City of Wonders". At any rate, from now on the Helcrani will share their history with the Brownies.

On top of the Efirhal lie the Artapherana, unique trees that symbolize the four elements, around which the Curonesta (the palace) is built. The Helcrani are organized in 7 fractions, called fratrae. Five of them are human and named after the villages and one for the elves (Styran) and the Dwarves (Nerterian). Milkengrad is also known by the Helcrani as "The City" in contrast with the settlements of Helcrah which are referred to as "The Villages".

Soon the city flourishes under enlightened guidance. Many monuments are built, the most famous among them the Temple of Avá, the only human temple ever dedicated to Avá the Beautiful. During the next decades an important merchant fleet is developed triggering tension with Erpheronia. Erpheronian attempts to conquer Centorauria are unsuccessful and the Helcrani are distinguished as the main Centoraurian strike force.
(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
78 Attempts of Interference of the Elven League in the Santharian War of Succession
The League, a secret elven-based organization which believes that only under human rule a perfect society reflecting the Dream of their High Goddess Avá can be achieved, face a terrible situation. The League cannot let the dynasty of the wise king die. Staranos is considered too cruel and the kingdom would be ravaged by another great war. The League's efforts now have to focus on supporting what they see as the one Santharian leader that could live up to their ideals - Mantheros. To do that they have to manifest their existence.

Cumragane, descendant of the first human leader of the League Allengard and descendant of the Centoraurian kings, sends Hecuran, the so-called "Elven Lion", on a quest to join the elves and form an army with every warrior available. This army, a total force of about thousand men, is placed at Mantheros' disposal. Cumragane then heads to Helcrah, his homeland.

79 Official Disbandment of the League
Officially the League is disbanded after this battle, but it might still exist in another form. It is restricted to a very limited number of members, who until today look after Santharia and the wellfare of its people. Nothing is known of the current status of the League or the course of their struggle against the Pure and Coór.


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