YEARS 3.251 B.S. - 90 A.S.

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About the R'unorian Guild of Librarians
long with the Imperial Court and Guards Council, the Guild of Librarians is one third of the triumvirate that advises the R'unorian Empress. The Guild of Librarians also performs a function similar to both the EnkyklopadiŽ Nybelmarnica or the Compendium of the Santharia in that it gathers and records information in a scholarly fashion for future use.

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(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
3251 b.S. The Glara of R'unor flee the beginnings of the Glorious Reclamation
A small R'mart family flees R'unor in a crude boat, which lands on what would become known as the island of Glara, and founders there, stranding them.

ca. 3250 b.S.
to 3.245
The Settlement of Glara begins
The Glara, lacking the means to build a boat, begin to settle on the island, constructing the beginnings of a small community.

3230 b.S. R'unorian explorers arrive on Glara
A R'unorian expeditionary force arrives of Glara and is surprised to find the settlement there.

3229 b.S. Glara joins R'unor
A formal invitation to join the burgeoning Kingdom of R'unor is extended, and accepted by Glara.

3178 b.S. First Gatherers dispatched to the Isle of R'unor.
The first gatherers are sent to R'unor as part of the military forces consolidating control of the Isle of R'unor.

3172 b.S. Construction begins on the First Library
Construction of the first building intended to house the records of the fledgling guild begins.

3100 b.S. Construction of the First Library Completed
The First Library is completed and soon proves incapable of housing all the information intended for it.

3003 b.S. Construction of the Great Library Begins

2997 b.S. The Guild of Librarians is Formed
The Guild of Librarians is formally recognized by the Empress.

2962 b.S. The Great Library is Completed

2036 b.S. The College of Alchemists is Formed

1957 b.S. The College of Mechanists is Formed

(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1402 b.S. The College of Magi is Formed

1005 b.S. The College of Travellers is Formed

938 b.S. The Omnibus is Formed
The Omnibus is formed to govern and direct the assorted Colleges.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
to 60
The Bloodied Empress Reigns
Vanawe Turtleblessed, the Bloodied Empress reigns over R'unor. Her campaign of cruelty against orcs eventually sparks an uprising which leads to her death. Many orcs flee to the more outlying islands, or take refuge with one of the guilds.

61 The Orcish Uprising
Mogh the Half-Orcen leads a bloody uprising against the Empress, beginning with an audacious capture of the city of R'unor itself, and ending with her flayed corpse being paraded through the streets.
to 89
The Reign of Mogh
Mogh implements a number of cultural reforms, including granting greater freedoms to the guilds of R'unor. Several guilds take this opportunity to expand beyond R'unor for their own safety.

to 89
The Flameseer Rebellion
Kirvana the Flameseer begins a rebellion against the Emperor Mogh, culminating in the Flameseer herself storming the gates of the Imperial Palace and throwing Mogh to an angry mob.

90 The Flameseer Ascends
Kirvana is formally crowned Empress of R'unor. Her first act as Empress limits the power of future rulers through the creation of a triumvirate council to advise the Empress.
The Creation of the Triumvirate
The Librarians Omnibus, Imperial Court and Guard's Council form the Triumvirate by imperial order to advise, aid, and if necessary, limit the Empress.

 Date of last edit 3rd Awakening Earth 1673 a.S.

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