YEARS 1.322 B.S. - 806 B.S.
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(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
1322 b.S. The Mitharim dwarf Brok Strongarm commissions a Barek
(This is strongly contested by some dwarven historians.) The ship build for Brok strongly resembles a Barek. Speculation among nautical historians state a theory that Brok may have been the one that gave the Avennorians the concepts of the Barek though they were not realized until 1642 b.S.

1304 b.S. Commissioning of the Triton
The second Triton is built, being commissioned in the spring of the year 1652 b.S. It is so called the second Triton for it is assumed by some early manuscripts of a ship similar to the Triton but much smaller that discovered a southern continent from which slaves were transported back to Marcogg. It seems this ship went into disuse after the second generation of Tritons were built. The new ship is named the "Sorli". It represents the second generation of Tritons. It was reported to have set sail and have discovered the island Darknar, which we know now as the Island of Doranthakar.

1294 b.S. Building of the first Barek
The first Barek is commissioned and built. It is named "Starmir". She is captained by the first female captain of the Avennorians. Her name was Thea Snivild. She follows the Sarvonian coast line south and then rediscovers the continent which we today call "Aeruillin". Her discovery and the subsequent decision by King Rejk Swanhild to attack the city called Shan'Thai starts a war or series of wars that lasted almost seven hundred years.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
806 b.S. Third Triton Generation
The third generation of Tritons is built by the new king of Avennoria, Anir Snivild. These Tritons, the one we know of now are used for huge exploration, whaling and trade. Along with companies of Bareks they rule the Eastern seas until the Erpheronians take over Avennoria in 749 b.s. and their shipbulding techniques are mingled with the Avennorians and became Erpheronian ships.


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