YEARS 195 A.S. - 227 A.S.
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(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
195 The Santharian Prince Calron Hammersfeld marries Majida of Bardavos
As Calron is not the direct heir to the throne, he is allowed to marry a woman of unknown parentage: Majida of Bardavos, a beautiful singer and dancer of an amiable nature. It is rumoured, that she is raised by the Black Butterfly Rangers, that she is partly of elven origin. She appears before the public the first time as a young girl, adopted daughter of the Thane of Bardavos about 191 a.S. As Queen Shawaldah supports his case, the youngest son of the king is allowed to marry with only 20 years of age.

201 Death of the Santharian Santhran Dagolth
Dagolth "the Liberator" dies from a heart attack after he has got notice from the death of his firstborn sons. He is only 51.
Calron Hammersfeld "the Weak" ascends the throne

202 The Council of the Linked Hands meets
The Councils meets to deliberate and finally backs up the Santhran, which is credited to Santhranna Majida, who steps forward and presents herself as a formidable woman with a sense for diplomacy and clever use of the power she has seized.

203 Queen Mother Shawaldah accuses Santhranna Majida of witchery
The mother of the Santhran Calron, Queen Shawaldah, has not been able to overcome the death of her firstborn sons. She tries to find out desperately what has happened during the fatal hunt where both were found dead. The reports about the strange behaviour of Dagrin when he pushed his brother leads to her belief that witchery was the cause. She finally asperses Santhranna Majida, because of her mysterious parentage. Though she has been fond of the girl once, she now accuses her of having bewitched Dagrin to kill his brother and himself, so that her husband would become Santhran.
The Santhran delivers a Speech in Defense of his Wife Santhranna Majida
The Santhran Calron steps in to defend his wife. Until now he has relied on the help of the Council and his strong wife. Under the new pressure he emerges as a new man. In a speech before the Council and representatives of the whole Capital he defends his wife in a way that the problem is settled for good. His mother is sent to a monastery where she dies years later in mental derangement.

207 Santhranna Majida initiates a meeting of Bards, Dancers and other Artist
On the occasion of her 30th birthday, the Santhranna invites artists of all over the country to perform not only before the assembled court, but all over the Capital. In the following years, she endorses art in all variations and thus makes the fine arts popular, especially with the nobility. Prestige is now gained with the number of musicians who are on the noble's payroll.

At this occasion Prince Lysarian is officially introduced to the court, aged ten.

219 Prince Lysarian marries the Avennorian Graveness Veior Ithvinna Rigvildskan
To meet the needs of the young man Lysarian, a wedding is arranged with the beautiful and very rich Graveness Ithvinna. The celebration is said to have been one of the most splendid in Santharian history. At the suggestion of Santhranna Majida musicians and poets from the whole of Santharia and even Nybelmar are invited to perform before the royal couple, but to entertain the whole Santhala also. Painters are paid not only to portray the newly wed couple, but to sketch down the events all over the town and thus to document what was planned to be the greatest wedding of all times.

227 Death of Santhran Calron Hammersfeld
Calron dies surprisingly of pneumonia, aged 52.


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