YEARS 150 A.S. - 201 A.S.
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(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
150 Dagolth Hammersfeld is born
Dagolth is born as the son of the Erpheronian Count Dekem Hammersfeld, a distant cousin to Santhros Salazath.

168 The Santharian King collapses and becomes partly paralyzed
Hit hard by his son's immediate death, Thaenos becomes more and more reclusive and sick. He collapses one day in the castle gardens while enjoying the afternoon sun, but is saved by the healers - however the right side of his body remains largely paralyzed.

The importance of the Council of Linked Hands increases further, taking over many government agendas, but the driving force of a strong leader is missing and the state of the kingdom in general deteriorates. Count Dekem Hammersfeld distinguishes himself as one of the master advisors to the king in times of need.

(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
172 Death of the Santharian King Thaenos, the Last in the Line of the Salazaths
After years of suffering King Thaenos dies after a stroke without heir, being the last in the line of the Salazaths, the dynasty of the founder of the realm, Santhros the Wise.
The Council as the Kingmaker: Dagolth Hammersfeld is made Santharian King
The Council of Linked Hands decides upon the new Santharian King and picks the Erpheronian Dagolth Hammersfeld, the elder son of Count Dekem Hammersfeld.

Dagolth himself is probably entirely unaware of his father's machinations behind the scenes that brought him into this position. The Hammersfelds stood very close to the King's family, which enabled Dekem to ensure that the Salazath dynasty remained childless. Also, the exertion of Hammersfeld influence on key decisions finally paid off - it is said that even Queen Mererra openly pleaded for Dagolth's election, unknowning that she had been the victim of a conspiracy and played directly into the hand of the plotter.

174 Birth of the Santharian princes Dagmin Hammersfeld and Dagrin
King Dagolth celebrates the birth of two heirs, his twin sons Dagrin and Damin.

175 The Edict of Parda: Governmental Restructuring of the Santharian Kingdom
The Santharian King Dagolth restructures governmental organization in an extensive edict on his summer residence on the Isle of Parda. The document simplifies the system of ranks and titles and helps to regulate taxation, e.g. the so far tax free organizations like monasteries and temples are included. The changes guarantee more income for the King - a key issue to fatten up the dwindling resources of the kingdom, which should soon reach new heights of cultural and economical prosperity. With the Edict of Parda Dagolth also creates the title of "Santhran" in representation for the Santharian ruler in honour of the founding father of the kingdom.
Birth of the Santharian Prince Calron Hammersfeld
A year after the birth of his twin sons, another prince is born to the royal couple, Calron.

177 Birth of the Santharian Princess Elinnaja Hammersfeld
A daughter is born to Santhran Dagolth Hammersfeld and Santhranna Shawaldah.

179 The Defeat of Saban Blackcloak
The days of the dark elven lord, the Móh'rónn Saban Blackcloak, are counted. He supposedly is the son of the reincarnation of Coór, Coór'Mélor, and Aiá'merán, the raped elven Avá'ránn. His final defeat takes place in the depths of the Hegedorn dungeon, where he meets his fate by the hands of his own brother, the half-elf Eyrin Fontramonn. Eyrin is supported by the royal troups of the Linked Hands consisting of the main four races of Santharia.

With the destruction of Saban peace is restored in many disquiet regions where the dark elf had many followers supporting his cause. Unrest dwindles away and eventually completely extinguished by Dagolth's forces, so that he earns the name "The Liberator".

180 Standardization of Santharian Uniforms
As a follow-up to the Edict of Parda and the restructuring of Santharian ranks and titles, the Santhran Dagolth introduces new Santharian uniforms featuring the linked hands, the Santharian emblem - right in time for the Armerenda Feast later that year. Since then the Santharian officials directly subordinated to the king are therefore referred by the common folk as the "hands" (of the Santhran).

184 Improvements in the Santharian Messaging System
Various new courier stations are erected throughout the lands, especially near difficult to reach places. The administration of the messaging process is tightened, resulting in a much more efficient delivery.

195 The Santharian Prince Calron Hammersfeld marries Majida of Bardavos
As Calron is not the direct heir to the throne, he is allowed to marry a woman of unknown parentage: Majida of Bardavos, a beautiful singer and dancer of an amiable nature. It is rumoured, that she is raised by the Black Butterfly Rangers, that she is partly of elven origin. She appears before the public the first time as a young girl, adopted daughter of the Thane of Bardavos about 191 a.S. As Queen Shawaldah supports his case, the youngest son of the king is allowed to marry with only 20 years of age.

201 Death of the Santharian Santhran Dagolth
Dagolth "the Liberator" dies from a heart attack after he has got notice from the death of his firstborn sons. He is only 51.
Death of the Santhran Dagolth's firstborns, Dagmin and Dagrin
Both twins die during a hunting expedition near the Khalgoroth Gorge in the Northern part of Rimmerins Ring. The circumstances are strange though. The twins have been very close friends, but hunting companions report that Dagrin has pushed Dagmin from a precipice, seemingly being in a weird state of mind. After having realised what he has done, Dagrin commits suicide throwing himself into the gorge the next day. The accident has never been cleared up. The kingdom is shocked.

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