YEARS 1.657 A.S. - 1.659 A.S.

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About the Kuglimz Battle-Leader Dro'go Minar'ian
he most famous of all Kuglimz is undoubtedly a man of the Helvet’ine Kuglim - he is Dro’go Minar’ian (which is translated as “Bright Eagle of the line of Minar"), though commonly known to his peers as Drogo. Biographers estimate his birth date is ca. 1637. Not known simply in the cold Northlands from which he hails, but also throughout all of Caelereth. It is an amazing sight indeed to see this burly barbarian from the North hob knobbing with the high nobles of the Santharian court, clothed in furs and golden armbands while they wear fine linens and tasseled slippers. He has even traveled to the Isles of Quios to set up trade agreements with the powerful Stormcloak Shipping Guild. Few have come as far as the displaced barbarian youth that was driven into Santharia with other Kuglimz. This rise from poverty and adventuring to being Dirg’mystrume (lit. "Battle Leader") of the entire Kuglimz people is enough for stories. But it was his efforts since returning to his homeland and uniting the quarrelsome Kuglimz that brought him fame throughout the Northlands.

Some tales of these deeds spread to Santharia, however when he showed up in New-Santhala proposing trade agreements and alliances he became well known there as well. It is here that he was given the title "Lord of the North" from the king himself. While on this first trip to the capital of Santharia he made the acquaintance of Artimidor Federkiel. Fascinated by the endeavor known as the Compendium, Drogo shared his knowledge of Northern Sarvonia, and promised that each time he visited Santharia he would share more with him. While also there, he made the re-acquaintance of Avennía "Wren" Asaiá whom he had adventured with when he had previously lived in Santharia. Since that first meeting he has come to know many Santharian notables including Masterbard Judith of Bardavos, Faugar of Nyermersys, and Talia of the Shendar. Drogo has even set up promises of safe passage, as safe as one can ever be in the Northlands, to other researchers of the Compendium who wish to travel and write about Northern Sarvonia.

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(YEARS 1.540 A.S. - TODAY)
1.657 Dro'go unites the Kuglimz
After spending years of attempting to fight back, the Kuglim rebels unite under a member of the Helvet'ine kuglim known as Dro’go. He and his holy vision inspire the Kuglim to drive out the invaders from not only the city of Lu'Weilima, but many others as well.

1.658 Rebuilding of the City of Lu'Weilima
Dro'go is made Dirg'mystrume of the Helvet'ine and begins by rebuilding portions of Lu’Weilima along with its sister cities.

1.659 Lu'Weilima becomes new capital of the Kuglim kingdom
With Dro'go being made the Dirg'mystrume of all Kuglimz, he decides to make Lu’Weilima the capital of the new Kuglim kingdom, and thus begins building the New City section of the city to make room for the officials needed as well as future residents, merchants, and the like.


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