YEARS 463 B.S. - 440 B.S.
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(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
463 b.S. Birth of Kasumar Nightson
Kasumar Nightson is born in the year 136 by Kasumarii standards, 463 b.S. His parents are killed in an orcish raid when Kasumar is 16. The encampment where Kasumar's family is living fails to learn of the impending orc attack, and young Kasumar vows not to let such an atrocity happen again.

447 b.S. The Appearance of God Korenjah, the Lord of Darkness, to Kasumar
At this point history and myth begin to intertwine. Current Kasumarii legend states that one night, Kasumar is visited by the God Korenjah, Lord of Darkness, and is told that he must discover the way to strike against the orcish Firelords (as the Hiding called them) by using the powers of the land to aid them: "Draw your strengths from night, from cold, from nature, wherever you can. On our level of existence, Griemnpor and Borhul have nearly won! But they have grown complacent, and the time has come to strike back. I will contact you again when the time is right." (Some more stolid historians have noted that Kasumar is one of many of the younger Hiders to enjoy Tscioarulan, a beverage made of saltwater and crushed arv seeds, and as such may not have been entirely stable.)

However, Kasumar always holds his vision as truth, and several of the Hiding, tired of the constant running and fear of the orcs, fall behind the charismatic leader. There is also the rather convincing evidence of the divine blade "Moonslash", which one Ximaxian mage has confirmed later is imbued with shadowed powers. The woman who eventually is to become Kasumar's wife, Tyrajall, is among these, and it is she who is credited with the discovery that may have been the most important to the Kasumarii Order: the poisonous plant of the tyrscaru, dubbed in the name of the Sea God and the first of the Clerics of Green Death.

Thanks to many helpful pushes from the gods, the Kasumarii are prepared. Through Kasumar, they have trained them through the tests of Korenjah and Tscioaru, respectively being able to move silently enough to not disturb a cave filled with bats, and the ability to endure the fear and cold of swimming through a dark, frigid tunnel.

443 b.S. The Assault on Dorolak's Fortress
Kruu-ann appears before some of the members of the group, and teachs them of the power of the native plants and animals to kill. Finally, the group (nine in number according to the legend) steal a ship of the orcs and sail under a deep fog to the Island of Dorolak's fortress, Dzulmir. When there, the nine each do their work. The two disciples of Tscioaru swiftly sink many of the orcish transports, the two of Kruu-an poison the water supply, and three of the Order of Korenjah escort them. You may note that leaves two to be accounted for.

Kasumar and Tyrajall have stolen into the heart of Dzulmir, and as they draw closer, oppressive heat begins to cover the halls. Shadows disappear, camouflage falls apart, and even Moonslash is growing weak. Then they arrive at the innermost sanctum: A red and golden room, fire streaming around it, and three orcs chanting around a strange orb. An orb that in Kasumar's vision seems to be screaming out that the two were there. The orcs evidently share this vision, and suddenly the fire around the room shapes itself around the orcs and starts to look like a man: A man who stands three peds tall, his eyes fire, his armor lava, his sword the sun itself. Kasumar draws Moonslash, and utters one brief prayer.

"Fool! Here, the Father of Shadow is powerless. And in the heart of MY sanctum, even with that sword, you are even more worthless than he is!" the creature utters. Legend tells many things of the battle that follows. There are those who say that Kasumar presses Griemnpor to his limit, and there are those who say that Kasumar simply is lucky. But then there are also those who say that Queprur finally allows Korenjah his retaliation against his firey brother. However, on one thing all tales agree.

Griemnpor is on the verge of slaying Kasumar, when Tyrajall throws herself in front of the blow, sacrificing her life for that of her beloved. And in the moment of her death, something snaps within the young hero. Somehow, Kasumar Nightson strikes the heart of Griemnpor with the divine blade Moonslash. Somehow, he is returned to Guldor. Somehow, the last remnant of Tyrajall is taken with him.

440 b.S. The Death of Kasumar Nightson
Kasumar Nightson, after teaching all he knows to his son Tularam, dies. The Town of Nightheart is founded around his tomb. Noted at his funeral are the two Gods of Shadow, Korenjah and Tscoiaru, doing honour to the mortal who served them so well.

The Tomb of Kasumar is not a great place, in the senses of many. Indeed to many it would appear simple and shabby, lacking the ornate decorations of the resting places of such as the Santharian Kings. However, there is something very commanding about the simple bier of dark marble and shadow... and the single black rose atop it. From now on the Cyhalloian humans will refer to themselves as "Kasumari" (short "Kar-ii").


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