YEARS 14 A.S. - 77 A.S.

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About the Santharian King Laenthris "the Firm"
ing Laenthris Salazath (14 b.S.-77 a.S.), son and heir of Santhros the Wise, solidifies the work his father has begun and is highly respected for that. He is called "the Firm" due to his direct and unwavering approach to tackle issues and represents for many the perfect continuation of the massive project that a United Kingdom of Santharia needs. He is a warrantor of peace and security.

Laenthris' personal life is overshadowed by tragedy, however, his first wife, Veldosla of Carmalad, is unable to give birth to a male heir, and is deemed "cursed" by the public eye. While Veldosla eventually ends up leaving the king and going into a monastery, the new Queen Phelossa gives birth to a healthy son, Mantheros. But what seems to secure the line of Santhros will only lead to a fierce battle for the Santharian throne.

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(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
14 Death of the First Wife of the Santharian Prince Laenthris
A great tragedy befalls the royal household: Merella, the first wife of the Santharian King's son, Laenthris Salazath, dies during childbirth. The long awaited heir also cannot be saved.

21 Second Marriage of the Santharian Prince Laenthris to Veldosla of Carmalad
After seven years of grieving over the death of his wife and son, Laenthris finally marries the daughter of a highly respected Caltharian count, Veldosla of Carmalad. While during that time mainly seen as a political marriage in order to strengthen ties with other tribes, Veldosla would give birth to no less than five children within the next ten years. Yet Laenthris long-awaited male heir is not among them - all their children are girls.

27 Laenthris follows his Father on the Santharian Throne
Laenthris Salazath, firstborn, yet still childless heir of Santhros becomes King of the United Kingdom of Santharia. He is aged 41 when he claims the throne.

46 The "Curse" of the Santharian Queen Veldosla
Twentyfive years after their marriage and after having given birth to five daughters in the first ten year, Princess Veldosla bears another child to her husband and King Laenthris Salazath - it is a male heir, yet it is born sick. While the healers are hopeful and the celebrations are already started, the life of the young Erthis ends already at his second night.

Queen Veldosla, a loving, yet frail woman, is ashamed of her inability to provide a male heir to her husband. She hears the "Cursed!" shouts of the populace when the death of young Erthis is announced to end the premature festivities and is unable to cope with them. She leaves the court, entering a White Knights monastery on the Isle of Hope, far away from her former husband, making way for another woman. Three years later she dies. Her death is barely noticed in the realms capital.
The Santharian King Laenthris marries the Erpheronian Duchess Phelossa
Only a few weeks after his first wife Veldosla left King Laenthris to conclude her life in a monastery, he marries again, this time a still very young Erpheronian duchess, Phelossa of Weyring.

57 Rumours arise that the Santharian Queen might be barren
As there is no heir in sight, elven years after the marriage of King Laenthris with Phelossa, rumors are spread, that she the queen indeed is barren. They seem to have originated in the Duchy which belongs to Thaelnoric the Loyal, Santhros' second son. Thaelnoric is killed not much later in a surprise attack of outlaws while passing the Shivering Woods. Staranos, who has accompanoed his father, proves himself, earns merits with wiping out the criminals who terrorisized the nearby Horth for years.

60 Birth of Mantheros, the long-awaited Heir to the Santharian Throne
Fourteen years after Laenthris' marriage to Phelossa Queen Phelossa finally gives birth to a healthy male child, Mantheros.

Big celebrations ensue, as the line of Santhros seems to be finally secured with a male heir. This seems to guarantee security not only for the royal family, but also for the populace, who wants continuity with the path chosen by Santhros the Wise and followed by his son Laenthris. Queen Phelossa is named "the Lucky", yet her luck would soon be over.
The Santharian Queen Phelossa is crippled in an Accident
Only a few months after giving birth to her son Mantheros, the carriage of Queen Phelossa, in which her staff and her son were travelling in with her, overturns for unknown reasons. While the driver and a maid die, baby Mantheros survives miraculously. The Queen survives as well, but is badly hurt and remains crippled for the rest of her life.

Instantly suspicions arise as to whether the incident was accidental or not. Protection for the child is stepped up drastically. Rumour has it meanwhile that the grandson of Santhros' second son Thaelnoric, the battletrained Staranos, has ambitions to claim the throne for himself should the time arrive, and that the accident might have been instigated by him.

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With the death of King Laenthris a bitter war of succession to conquer the Santharian throne erupts between Mantheros, Laenthris's son, and his cousin Staranos. It would last three years until the conflict is settled, deadly consquences included.


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