YEARS 9.500 B.S. - 1.400 A.S.

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About the Injerín Druid Sect of the Lost Ones
t was an age of change and upheaval for many races in Caelereth. The Injerín elves record that long ago, a group of powerful and influential elves abandoned the main tribe soon after the War of the Chosen in 9500 b.S. The group was largely composed of magi, clerics, warriors and commoners. They have since become known to the Injerín as the “The Lost Ones” (Styrásh "Sáh Maedanhé"). The Injerín call them "lost" because at the time, these individuals were considered to be visionary, charismatic and influential leaders of their respective clans. It has been theorized that they had become disenchanted, possibly some say, even driven mad from grief, as a result of their losses during the war. According to the stories, the Lost Ones announced their split from the tribe during a council meeting and then together left in the direction of northwest Sarvonia. The surviving records tell that between 30 and 40 elves left together. The names of twelve of the leaders are only known to the present day. What exactly happened after they left or where they went is lost to history, but certain ruins and artifacts found within the Themed’lon Forests of the Caael’heroth peninsula reveal that the forest had at one time been settled by elven people. Some scholars say the Lost Ones made their home there and developed a druidic way of life. Recent evidence suggests that their new life clearly has had an influence on the present day tribe of half-orcs known as the Kaaer’dár’shín of the Themed’lon Forests in Northern Sarvonia.

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(YEARS 9.500 B.S. - 8.500 B.S.)
ca. 9500 b.S. The Preaching of a new Message for the Injerín
The end of the War of the Chosen brings about a renewed commitment to rebuild the Injerín tribe. However, a group of elves led by the charismatic Drayla Ferlwesin begins to preach another message of neutrality and instead to hide away from the world.

ca. 8700 b.S. The Lost Ones Split from the Tribe
During a grand council meeting, Drayla and her followers announce their intention to split from the tribe to journey north to find other lands. The war devastated them in many ways and her group seek another way of life in solitude to grieve. The Injerin call this group "The Lost Ones" for are were deemed lost both spiritually and physically when they depart the ways of the Injerín.

(YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.)
ca. 8500 b.S. The Singing Glade is Discovered
The Singing Glade is revealed to the elves through a gifted blind child that accompanies the group. The pendrowe reveal themselves along with the drasil tree and the elves learn much from the forests, including strange divine magic never before experienced by the elves.

ca. 7000 b.S. The Drasil are born in the Themed'lon
The Lost Ones within the Themed'lon Forests become powerful and learn to influence the natural world around them. They create groves and temples under the waterfalls and come to regard the pendrowe as their own family. One myth tells that about this time, a special tree, believed to be what is known as a drasil tree, becomes seeded within the woods. It possesses the power to record memories of events, places and people long past.

ca. 6000 b.S. The Mask of the Tree Cousin is Created
The Lost Ones create a powerful mask believed to be made from the bark of an ancient pendrowe. The elves call this mask "Quelth'ananuá Modiás" (lit. "Mask of the Earth"). The mask is believed to have special powers to give the wielder unique communion with nature and to grant the wielder the ability to share the thoughts of the memory tree. In addition, the mask is believed to have a special connection with the forest and must never leave it. The elves give the forest its name - the "Themanhe'lón" (lit. "Fortified Wood", over time, the name is later shortened to Themed'lon).

(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
ca. 2980 b.S. The Coming of the Orcs to the Themed'lon
Orcs become more prevalent in the Themed'lon region and begin to make contact with the Lost Ones living within the woods. It is not long before open conflict begins between the two races and the small number of elves are forced to retreat elsewhere, possibly to the islands of the Eight Winds Bay. Only with the help of the pendrowe are the elves able to keep the orcs at bay long enough for the elves to retreat.

ca. 2900 b.S. The War with the Orcs Begins between the Lost Ones and the Osther-Oc
The first large clashes between the druids and the orcs begin. The hostilities begin as small raids and skirmishes in the Heaths of Eph'denn. They progress to bloodier battles over time.

ca. 2800 b.S. The Final Battle at the Themed'lon and the Loss of the Mask of the Tree Cousin
The final battle takes place in the northern outskirts of the Themed'lon. The druids repel the invaders using the pendrowe and divine magic. The orcs flee, never to return to the forest for a long time to come. About this time, the druids are thought to have abandoned the forest for unknown reasons. No recorded history concerning the forest is made until the Third Sarvonian War in 298 b.S. Sadly, during this time, the Mask of the Tree Cousin is lost in the forest to later be discovered by the Kaaer'dar'shin.

(YEARS 1.144 A.S. - 1.440 A.S.)
ca. 1.290 Saryas Kelweather Hears the Drasil Tree
Saryas Kelweather is trusted to wield the Mask of the Tree Cousin to find the truth of the Lost Ones according to the drasil memory tree. What he sees is later revealed in a journal and tells the story of the elves and their life after the split from the tribe long ago. Much more is revealed to him, but he refuses to speak of it, promising the Kaaer'dar'shin chieftain not to.

ca. 1.300 The Mask of the Earth is Discovered
One hundred years after the disappearance of the Kaeer'dár'shín shamut Kulk'bek, one of his ancestors, a half-orc named Krull'mor, becomes the shamut of his people and ends the civil war by declaring a new beginning for the Beastlord faith. To prove it, he embarks on a journey alone in the Themed'lon to find and bring back his ancestor Kulk'bek's bones as he believes that the people will once again come together if the bones of Kulk'bek can be seen.

Krull'mor finds a hidden grove within the woods and discovers his ancestor's bones beneath a thick, ancient looking tree. He reveals a mask made of bark that covers the skeleton's skull. He calls the mask "A'ng'erg Pafalka" (lit. "Mask of the Tree Cousin"), then buries the skeleton in the grove but keeps the corpse's partially decomposed clothing and bone totem. He stays there for many days. Upon his return, he shows the people his findings and takes several of them into the grove to experience the wonders of the Earth Brother.

1.400 Injerin Explorer Saryas Kelweather Discovers the Lost Ones Relics
Saryas Kelweather, the famed Injerín explorer, discovers the Themed'lon and discovers ruins left behind by the Lost Ones. He theorizes, based on the writings and language of stone tablets and the art work and architecture of stone temples that the Lost Ones settled there in ages past. A civil war erupts in the tribe and Saryas plays a vital role in negotiating peace for the people. In return, they allow him access to the tribe's holy places in the forest where he finds more evidence of the Lost Ones.


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