YEARS 197 A.S. - 287 A.S.

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About the Santharian Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld
anthran Lysarian was one of the three great rulers in the Golden Age of Kings. As the firstborn son of Santhran Calron the Weak and his wife Majida of Bardavos he ascended the throne at the age of thirty. He entered his reign with great energy and already in his first year set many things in motion which would bear fruits only much later. So he initiated several projects which would establish him as one of the key figures of the still young united kingdom. The standardisation of measurements and currency, the founding of the Order of Magecraft, and the strengthening of the guilds were the basis on which the economy could flourish and wealth spread to many people. His travels united what tended to grow apart due to the big distances in the kingdom. Many saw his affection towards women as a weakness but it brought him within reach of the more ordinary people. He was well loved, especially by the common folk, although his uncompromising stance often caused controversy among the aristocracy.

While Santhran Dagolth stood at the beginning of that grand age we refer to as the Santharian Golden Age of Kings and set it in motion, Santhran Sanaerrin brought it to an end which was as glorious as it was disastrous, but Lysarian was the key figure in that age, providing the basis for wealth and prosperity for the following centuries.

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(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
197 Birth of Lysarian Hammersfeld
Calron Hammersfeld and Majida of Bardavos welcome their first child, a son. He spends his first years in his birthtown Bardavos.

201 Mahood Castle
Education of the future Santhran Lysarian takes place at Mahood Castle, a retreat for the royal family.
Birth of Veior Ithvinna Rigvildskan, an Avennorian Graveness
The future wife of Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld is born.

207 Santhranna Majida initiates a meeting of Bards, Dancers and other Artist
On the occasion of her 30th birthday, the Santhranna invites artists of all over the country to perform not only before the assembled court, but all over the Capital. In the following years, she endorses art in all variations and thus makes the fine arts popular, especially with the nobility. Prestige is now gained with the number of musicians who are on the noble's payroll.

At this occasion Prince Lysarian is officially introduced to the court, aged ten.

to 213
Stay in Ciosa
Lysarian spends two years in Ciosa where his aunt Liorathsa lives, the Duchess of Caeytharia.

to 227
The Prince on Duty
Prince Lysarian returns to Santhala to assist his father in the daily duties of a Santhran.

219 Prince Lysarian marries the Avennorian Graveness Veior Ithvinna Rigvildskan
To meet the needs of the young man Lysarian, a wedding is arranged with the beautiful and very rich Graveness Ithvinna. The celebration is said to have been one of the most splendid in Santharian history. At the suggestion of Santhranna Majida musicians and poets from the whole of Santharia and even Nybelmar are invited to perform before the royal couple, but to entertain the whole Santhala also. Painters are paid not only to portray the newly wed couple, but to sketch down the events all over the town and thus to document what was planned to be the greatest wedding of all times.

220 Birth of Skavinna Hammersfeld
The first daughter of Prince Lysarian Hammersfeld and Ithvinna Rigvildskan is born.

221 Birth of Udrike Hammersfeld
The second daughter of Prince Lysarian Hammersfeld and Ithvinna Rigvildskan is born.

223 Birth of Hjaveig Hammersfeld
The third daughter of Prince Lysarian Hammersfeld and Ithvinna Rigvildskan is born.

226 Birth and Death of Kijolf Hammersfeld
Kijolf Hammersfeld, the first son of Prince Lysarian Hammersfeld and Ithvinna Rigvildskan is born, but dies already after three weeks.

227 Death of Santhran Calron Hammersfeld
Calron dies surprisingly of pneumonia, aged 52.
Lysarian Hammersfeld ascends the Throne
Though his father suffered a sudden death, Prince Lysarian is well prepared to ascend the throne at the age of 30. Grown up in a time of plentitude, influenced by his art loving mother and with the attitude that all will be possible what he wishes to achieve, the grandest enthronement ever is prepared. The festivities last a whole month and everybody is invited. This would not have been possible without the wealth of his wife Ithvinna. However, the relation between the two has cooled down.

The new Santhran enters his reign with great energy and already in his first year sets many things in motion which would bear fruits only much later. Lysarian invites authorities of diverse fields of knowledge to move to Santhala and work there on different subjects but mainly with the goal to find out how the economy of the whole kingdom could be fostered, how trading expertise could be spread, and the arts stimulated. He is open to council but once he has formed his opinion about something he spends all his energy into pursuing his ideas.
Santhran Lysarian Hurt by a Crumbling Bridge
At yearturn the Santhran is hurt when a bridge crumbles under him due to badly sustained magic. He is brought to a nearby estate which belongs to the Graven of Codáth Lake. Here he meets Mariama, the daughter of the Graven of Thyslan.

228 Birth and Death of Leifring Hammersfeld
Leifring Hammersfeld, the second son of Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld and Ithvinna Rigvildskan is born, but dies during birth.
Birth of Lysmarin, the illegitimate Son of Baroness Mariama of Thyslan and the Santhran Lysarian
Santhranna Ithvinna, once a beautiful young woman, is worn out by the quick succession of births. The grief over the death of her son sits deep and adds to that and so she she moves back to her family estates , taking her daughters with her.

Lysarian on the other hand is a man in the prime of life used to get everything he desires and so it is not astonishing that he not only beds various of his maidens, but also a young noble from Centorauria, Mariama of Tyslan, (born 204 a.S.), whom he met during his involuntary stay in her uncle‘s house. Mariama though is not any young lady too timid to point out that the Santhran is the father of her child, but is educated in Ximax and holds three degrees of Wind Magic. So she gives birth to a healthy son of the Santhros in the same year as the second son of the Santhranna is born dead. The Santhran acknowledges the child as his bastard son.
The Meeting of Mages
When back from his involuntary stay in the North Santhran Lysarian initiates a meeting of Thalambathian and Ximaxian authorities, several in magic interested noblemen, and representatives from the Fymbels association, as well as the Mashdai Traders. He demands that the practising mages who travel the land or are generally working outside from Ximax found a guild which will prevent sluggish, irresponsible work like the one which caused his recent accident.

After several weeks of discussion an agreement is found about the founding of an 'Order of Magecraft'. It is founded on the tenth of the month under the presidency of the Santhran. The first members are ceremonially inducted, among them several high ranked Ximaxian mages, a Pryus of Thalambath and three Thalam Wizards. The first order-owned 'house of magic' is opened, the first school of the order established. As first grandmaster, a high-ranked wind mage of Ximax, Xaron Worthwhile, is installed. His task is for now to organise the forming of the order, to recruit members, initiate dependencies in the other provinces and big cities of Santharia.

229 Santhranna Veior Ithvinna Rigvildskan Hammersfeld divorces her Husband
Veior Ithvinna Rigvildskan, though weakened through too many births in a time too short, is not weak in spirit. After she gets notice of the bastard child, she divorces Lysarian and retreats to her family estates.

230 The Santharian Unification of Measurements
While travelling through mid-Santharia Lysarian has learned that one of the problems the traders and merchants have is that a handspan has not necessarily the same length in Marcogg as in Elsreth and a heb is not as heavy in Ciosa as in Santhala. Though the ped was defined since King Thar it does not work Santharia-wide.

So Santhran Lysarian orders a 'standard ped and a standard heb' to be crafted which are then stored in the palace of Santhala. From there the measurement is taken to create several other 'standard' peds and hebs, one for each provincial capital, and one for each major town.

232 The second of the Santhran's Long Voyages
This time the North is Lysarian's goal so he leaves early in the year as soon as the roads are free to visit Naios, Caelum, and Ximax where he stays for two weeks enjoying the atmosphere of the magical city and spending a lot of time in the library. He continues to Salsair and Thyslan, then Milkengrad, Voldar, Nyermersys, Ishmarin, and Astran, Holm and Acht, Jernais, Veltin, Carmalad, and finally Cavthan - it has been a very long and tiring voyage. The hobbits of the Alianian Hills welcome him so heartily that he decides to stay for another two weeks, resting, sleeping, eating.
The Claim of Gravenness Mariama of Thyslan
Shortly before the midwinter festivities Graveness Mariama of Thyslan, the mother of Santhran Lysarian's son, announces that the child she is carrying is again sired by the Santhran, conceived while he stayed near Thyslan. The court is as shocked as the Santhran who denies to have met the Gravenness in private.

233 The Birth of Myrissa of Thyslan
In the first month of the year Gravenness Mariama of Thyslan gives birth to a red-haired daughter with green eyes, Myrissa of Thyslan. Mariama's uncle Thyram, the Graven of Codáth Lake and Coram Duke of Salsair visit Santhala and speak with the Santhran on behalf of their relative. It seems that they have come in vain.
The Guild Laws
In the same year when the Santhran‘s unificated measurements are introduced Lysarian initiates a meeting of guild masters of all crafts which have a decent guild system. Many follow his call to be his guest, even from towns as far away as Strata and Nyermersys. Around five hundred join to be part of an exchange about how guild laws should be handled as well as guild standards and questions concerning the apprenticeship. A broad discussion is initiated and finally it is decided that all guilds of a province should have its unified rules. It is not possible though to reach that goal for the whole of the kingdom as the territory is too large to make complete standardisation in all aspects a practicable feat. It takes however only three years until the principal unification is accomplished.
The Announcement of the Santhran
At the midwinter festival Lysarian announces that he will marry Mariama of Thyslan and acknowledge her daughter as his child. That surprises the whole kingdom and rumours arise quickly that the Santhran accepts his new wife in exchange for the support of the North of his planned introduction of the new currency.

234 Marriage of Santhran Lysarian with Gravenness Mariama of Thyslan
The marriage is not a very happy one as was to be expected. The two settle in eventually but no other children are born.

243 The Order of Magecraft Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary
To support the case of the progressing unification of Santharian magic the Santhran hosts a gathering on the occasion of the tenth jubilee, inviting the most deserved of the new members. This is a milestone, as the members of the new order up to now still didn't act too self-assured, but now they gain new confidence. From then on the order grows rapidly. Soon every major town has a 'mage-tower' and teaching magic outside of Ximax is precisely regulated.

246 The third of the Santhran's Long Voyages
Santhran Lysarian leaves Santhala already early in Awakening Earth for Chylikis visiting the huge harbour run by Varcopas' merchants. In Varcopas the inhabitants greet the Santhran cheerfully, the H'rul and most of the Council of the Eleven welcome him kindly. He is so impressed that he decides to come back more often.

Uderza and Bardavos are Lysarian's next steps. In Bardavos he stays in the house of the Thane for two weeks to rest and to enjoy the art of the town. A long sea voyage to Thalambath follows. His stay is short there as the town and the volcano depresses him. The Royal Viseur and the Presidium are, though welcoming him as their Santhran, very reserved in contrast to the leaders of Varcopas.

To see a Southern part of the famous Ráhaz-Dáth he ventures out into the oasis of Na'la Na'tifa, located at the edge of the great saltpan. Strata is the last town on this trip he visits officially. He enjoys the beauty of the town, but is annoyed by the request of the government to help them gain back the leadership of the province.

247 Majida of Bardavos dies
The former Santhranna, wife of Santhran Calron and mother of Santhran Lysarian dies of old age.

248 Introduction of the new Currency
With a big event the new currency is presented, a fortune of sans, the new smallest coin, distributed throughout the town. From then on in each provincial capital a new mint has to be built and basically only the Thanes have the right to mint, all others have to be closed. However, many of those who have acquired the authorization to mint before - like Dukes, Gravens, and major towns - threaten to revolt will this new regulation coming into effect. Widespread bloodshed is looming over the country. The Santhran gives in and allows all the dukes and gravens to run their mints until their death. The cities and towns however have to give up their right immediately but they will receive special trading rights as compensation. An infringement of the new law is persecuted and punished severely, when repeated even with the death penalty.

The new currency is, despite those troubles and constraints, a great success. With the simplification of trade and business the growing wealth of most of the population in the whole kingdom finally convinces the majority and the new coins are accepted widely.

249 Divorce from Santhranna Mariama
The Santhranna is caught red-handed with the captain of the guard Dyrath Jorus. It turns out that the relationship has already lasted for two years. Lysarian divorces Mariama and sends her to a monastry, Dyrath Jorus is dishonourably discharged. Mariama flees from the monastry though and joins, so rumours go, a wandering circus.

251 San'jana of Varcopas (199 -266 a.S.) Becomes the Mistress of Lysarian
Lysarian falls in love with San'jana filja Ca‘tara filja Shen‘Hafa, a member of the Council of the Eleven of Varcopas. Though she returns his love she refuses to marry him. She does not want to be Santhranna and take all the responsibilities on her shoulders as will be expected from her, does not want to give up her freedom. So she becomes his mistress instead.

266 San'jana of Varcopas Dies
Fifteen years of love came to an end as San‘jana gets ill and dies, in the presence of Lysarian, of a minor illness. Lysarian is devastated.

267 Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld's Abdication from the Throne
On his 70th birthday, the 3rd in the month of Awakening Earth the Santhran abdicates after forty years of reign. His son Lysmarin follows him on the throne with 39 years of age.

272 Last Santharian Old Coins are Minted
The last owner with the right to mint dies, from now on only the new coins will be minted which are, by now, a full success.
Marriage of the Santhran Lysarian to Asriyah Altara
Though already 75 years old, Santhran Lysarian marries Asriyah Altara, said to be a noblewoman of Aeruillin. She is only 25, but the relationship seemes to turn out as a good one.

280 200 year Anniversary of the Fymbel Association
Santhran Lysarian's last 'official' appearance is on the occasion of the 200 years anniversary of the Fymbels, an all-female craft association.

Lysarian has always admired the work of that small guild of stonemasons, especially as they were all women. He is so taken by the idea of female 'craftswomen' that he wishes to sponsor them. As the women in question are mainly of low social rank, this is not an easy task. Finally he donates them a guild house in Santhala and is determined to say a few words at the opening ceremony. It is out of question to appear there as the former Santhran, so he visits the event incognito, disguised as lower ranked noble, and holds a short encouraging speech.

287 Death of the Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld
Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld, though still in good health, dies at the age of 90 from a heart attack, in his bed in the arms of his young wife.


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