YEARS 60 A.S. - 105 A.S.

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About the Santharian King Mantheros
ictorious after the deadly confrontation with his cousin Staranos, Mantheros - after three years of uncertainty - emerges as the rightful heir to the Santharian throne. Though in many ways weaker than his predecessors, Mantheros - especially due to his experiences of the succession war - still has the support of the majority of Santharians.

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(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
60 Birth of Mantheros, the long-awaited Heir to the Santharian Throne
Fourteen years after Laenthris' marriage to Phelossa Queen Phelossa finally gives birth to a healthy male child, Mantheros.

Big celebrations ensue, as the line of Santhros seems to be finally secured with a male heir. This seems to guarantee security not only for the royal family, but also for the populace, who wants continuity with the path chosen by Santhros the Wise and followed by his son Laenthris. Queen Phelossa is named "the Lucky", yet her luck would soon be over.
The Santharian Queen Phelossa is crippled in an Accident
Only a few months after giving birth to her son Mantheros, the carriage of Queen Phelossa, in which her staff and her son were travelling in with her, overturns for unknown reasons. While the driver and a maid die, baby Mantheros survives miraculously. The Queen survives as well, but is badly hurt and remains crippled for the rest of her life.

Instantly suspicions arise as to whether the incident was accidental or not. Protection for the child is stepped up drastically. Rumour has it meanwhile that the grandson of Santhros' second son Thaelnoric, the battletrained Staranos, has ambitions to claim the throne for himself should the time arrive, and that the accident might have been instigated by him.

to 80
With the death of King Laenthris a bitter war of succession to conquer the Santharian throne erupts between Mantheros, Laenthris's son, and his cousin Staranos. It would last three years until the conflict is settled, deadly consquences included.
77 The Declaration of Carmalad
In a Declaration of Carmalad the Avennorians, Serphelorians and Caltharians vow to ignore Staranos' ambitions and proclaim Mantheros their king. Uncertainty spreads over the southern continent. Many people oppose Mantheros, fearing that he is too weak to support his claim without the necessary military force needed to back it up.

78 Attempts of Interference of the Elven League in the Santharian War of Succession
The League, a secret elven-based organization which believes that only under human rule a perfect society reflecting the Dream of their High Goddess Avá can be achieved, face a terrible situation. The League cannot let the dynasty of the wise king die. Staranos is considered too cruel and the kingdom would be ravaged by another great war. The League's efforts now have to focus on supporting what they see as the one Santharian leader that could live up to their ideals - Mantheros. To do that they have to manifest their existence.

Cumragane, descendant of the first human leader of the League Allengard and descendant of the Centoraurian kings, sends Hecuran, the so-called "Elven Lion", on a quest to join the elves and form an army with every warrior available. This army, a total force of about thousand men, is placed at Mantheros' disposal. Cumragane then heads to Helcrah, his homeland.
Cumragane imprisoned
Upon arriving in Milkengrad Cumragane reveals himself as descendant of the Sostrian kings and leader of the League. He urges the Helcrani to fight for Mantheros and finds many supporters there, but nobody actually joins a campaign with him, because - with the absence of a Santharian King - their loyalty belongs only to the Anactar of Milkengrad.

Cumragane recognizes Anactar Semgon’s authority and places himself at his disposal in the war against Staranos' tyranny. In the Great Hall, the building where the Fratric Assembly takes place, the two of them are confronted as to be heard by every citizen.

But claiming that Mantheros' would stand no chance against Staranos' military prowess, Anactar Semgon orders Cumragane's capture. He and his accompanying men are thrown into prison.

79 Mantheros retreats towards the Hèckra Volcano
As the usurper's army marches north through Caltharian lands to conquer the eastern harbours, which are supporting his enemy's supply lines, the Centoraurians with their army march east to block Mantheros' retreat, while the Kyranians advance from the south. Mantheros cannot afford a battle before his Goltherrhim reinforments arrive, so he retreats southwest towards the Hèckra volcano. Outnumbered and encircled, Mantheros is in deep trouble.
Cumragane is freed and turns the Tide
While imprisoned by the Anactar, Cumragane's words still echo among the populace. He told them that the Helcrani should not to abandon their king twice, as they did with king Curgan in 617 b.S., and strong opposition forms and manifests itself in Milkengrad. Cumragane is freed from his prison after an uprising in the city.

As the army is away, every Helcrani who is left behind takes some kind of weapon and marches east. Actually this is an army of reserves and armed non-combatants, like women and youths. However, a wave of enthusiasm is spreading on their way, Cumragane takes the lead. Staranos' veil of fear is shattered.
The End of the Santharian War of Succession: The Fulfillment of Tacunija's Curse
The Helcrani choose to abandon Anactar Semgon and fight and die - if necessary - for their righteous king. As when Cumragane arrives at the battlefield the main body of the Helcran army turns to Mantheros' side and along with them the entire army group. Staranos is deprived of his whole army (except his personal guard), as nobody wants to serve him anymore. Staranos is trapped.

Along with the supporting Anactar Semgon Staranos manages to escape to the Hèckra. At that very moment the volcano that has been resting for centuries erupts and burns him with his remaining supporters. Cumragane and many of his men are burned too as they chase the tyrant in hairbreadth distance.

This ends Cumragane's life and fulfills Tacunija's Curse. From that day on a congealed lava formation landmark that resembles a person is said to represent the Helcrani hero Cumragane. With the fulfillment of the curse Helcrani from now on are redeemed from their crime. No more will they fight with each other. Now it is them who saved the day. Cumragane is honoured by his men and his nephew, who manages to escape Hèckra’s wrath, is assigned new Anactar of the city.
Official Disbandment of the League
Officially the League is disbanded after this battle, but it might still exist in another form. It is restricted to a very limited number of members, who until today look after Santharia and the wellfare of its people. Nothing is known of the current status of the League or the course of their struggle against the Pure and Coór.

80 Mantheros Salazath crowned to Santharian King
Ending the Santharian War of Succession, Mantheros is finally crowned to Santharian King. While some irritation still lingers regarding the royal family in parts of the country, most people are happy that peace finally returns to the vast realm.

82 The Santharian King Mantheros marries the Eyelian Ilee'ala
A high-ranking Eyelian beauty becomes the consort of King Mantheros.

83 The Santharian Queen Ilee'ala gives birth to two twin daughters
Again the line of Santhros has difficulties with male heirs: Queen Ilee'ala gives birth to the twin daughters Na'ahena (an Eyelian name, paying tribute to the mother) and Sirthala (an Erpheronian name, as is her father's).

105 Death of the Santharian King Mantheros
Aged only 45 Mantheros dies, having suffered heavily under the heaves breathing disease. A severe case of acute lung illness is diagnosed after an excursion in the Santharian north, and Mantheros dies during his stay in the City of Death, Nyermersys. He leaves no male heir, and games of intrigue would soon dominate the royal court.


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