YEARS 750 B.S. - 1.661 A.S.

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About the Tehuriden Ter'ei'Vikh Clan
clan cast out from their homelands for their impure blood by their birthtribe, the Tehuriden Ter'ei'Vikh live on the outskirts of the Drifting Woods, making do with whatever they manage to scrape from the jungle, or trade for with the Morchini. Their survival is made possible by their sense of kinship with one another; each Tehuriden considers the others to be nothing short of direct relatives, and they work together as one family to maintain their way of life. Low in number with a population rarely exceeding seventy to eighty individuals, and keeping an even lower profile whenever possible, these people nonetheless have played a significant role in local Kaerathi history.

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(YEARS 2.970 B.S. - 1.667 A.S.)
ca. 750 b.S. The First Tehuriden Exiles in the Drifting Woods
After the mixed blood of the Ter'ei'Vikh continues to occasionally produce Lilivear-like children, the first Tehuriden are exiled from the Drifting Woods around this time. Little is known about their lives, although it can be assumed that they were hard, and mostly short without access to tools, safe homes, or the aid of family and tribe.

ca. 75 Construction of Mūn'ti, the Drifting Woods Capital
The first parts of Mūn'ti, the current human capital of the Drifting Woods, are constructed. The capital would continue to grow, and be renovated, continuously from this point on.

The Council of Elders secretly contacts several Tehuriden during this time, and urges them to seek out their own kind and organize. It is possible that the Council offers tools and weapons to these hardy wanderers in return for their service as spies and scouts into the earthlands.

The Nybelmer follow the Ter'ei'Vikh example and create a similar settlement beneath sinkholes in the lake of Mūn'ti, possibly with the assistance of Ter'ei'Vikh magic.

ca. 80 Tehuriden Organization takes Form
The Tehuriden have started to organize into small wandering bands of three and four and are spotted raiding outlying farms of the Morchini at times. Even though their numbers remain low at an estimated 20-25 individuals, it is suspected the handful of wandering groups communicate with one another on a regular basis from this point onward.

ca. 850 Appearance of the Dark Councillors
In 853, Faenic records mention the presence of "a cloaked man, with a most peculiar accent, whose hood never reveals his features" at a meeting between several Faen merchant lords and Tsohamin clan leaders. Soon, rumours about dangerous mages start circulating throughout the northwest of Nybelmar. It is not known if the Tehuriden have at this point already taken up the practice of hiring themselves out as neutral negotiators and intermediaries or if this is a single individual whose example has been followed up upon in later times.

ca. 1.000 Emissaries speak to the Ter'ei'Vikh
Most likely secretly negotiated by the Tehuriden, emissaries from the Morchini are allowed to speak with the Council. This is the first truly verifyable instance of the Tehuriden acting as intermediaries to the Council of Elders, although it is suspected that this has been the case for at least two hundred years, considering the strange absence of Kazai Morchin-i/Drifting Woods violence during this time.

ca. 1.500 Ter'ei'Vikh trade with Outsiders
The Gates of M'aghin are built, and open trade with the Morchini outsiders commences. Before long, Faen merchants hear of the strange market opened on the Metherinin shores, and within a few years, they greatly outnumber the Morchini traders visiting the Gates. The Ter'ei'Vikh flourish as they have rarely done before, and their population increases greatly.

This also heralds the start of what might be considered a golden age for the Tehuriden. Their settlement near the Gates is completed within a few years, raising the suspicion they knew of the Council's plans for a trading post at this location before its construction. The Tehuriden raids on Morchini lands, already in decline for several decades, now come to a complete halt, and with the exception of a handful estranged wanderers, all Tehuriden migrate to their new base of (relative) power.

ca. 1.661 The M'aghin Research Centre
Headed by Miraran Tehuriden, a former apprentice of the Mage-Lord Coren FrozenZephyr and at this point a full member of the Enkyclopadiė Nybelmarnica, a research centre and haven for local scholars is constructed a few strals south of the gates of M'aghin. Combining inquisitive minds from the Tehuriden, Morchini, Faen, Lilivear and Efferdita, a small side-community of traders and other services soon follows.


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