YEARS 730 B.S. - 298 B.S.

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About the Port Sparrowclaw
ort Sparrowclaw is a medium-sized town founded on the shores of the Peninsula of Paragonj in 730 b.S,, in the Duchy of Graeyerwınn. Located in the northern Vardınn province of the United Kingdom of Santharia, it dominates one of the larger openings into the Vardınn archipelago and the mouth of the Vandrina River, making it an important port-of-call and trade hub for the duchy. A former Erpheronian town before the unification of Santharia, Port Sparrowclaw population (approx. 6000) is mostly Proudmen, but within recent years has seen a growth in settlers and merchants looking to profit off the local wealth.

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(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
730 b.S. Founding of Port Sparrowclaw
Daelem Earthtreader leads migrants from the growing outskirts of Accam out into the Peninsula of Paragonj. Much of the landmass is yet uninhabited, with good soil. The people desire a place to till and live peacefully, a rarity among Erpheronians who are naturally war-like, given their affinity to Armeros. Daelem, a traveller from Voldar who has come to explore the northern territories, leads the migrants of Accam in search of a new land. Trailing the coast, they come upon a natural basin, with rich earth and a sandy coastline. It was already inhabited, however, by a peculiar family of ascetic hermits. They are unduly aggressive, and are promptly displaced by the settlers.

725 b.S. Naming and Singing
As the buildings begin to grow and foundations are laid, they decide upon a name. The designated "Sparrowclaw" derives from the congregation of sparrows that flock to the builders every noontime to peck at morsels thrown out by bemused workers. The flutter of wings soon comes to define each day for the early settlers, who toil endlessly to construct new homes for their families, or raise earthworks for the harbour to be installed.

719 b.S. Growth
-As the reparations of the First Sarvonian War dwindle down, many in mainland Voldar and Accam are looking towards growing local trade. Potential traders flock to trade hubs across the province, including Sparrowclaw, boosting its growth exponentially.

711 b.S. Improved Infrastructure
A new and extended harbour is built to withstand the increased capacity and larger ships docking from merchants from the southern provinces. A warehouse district grows to accommodate the increase in trade.

ca. 700 b.S. First Tensions Erpheronia vs. Centorauria
The Centoraurians develop an important merchant fleet triggering tensions with Erpheronia. Erpheronian attempts to conquer Centorauria are unsuccessful and the Helcrani are distinguished as the main Centoraurian strike force.

668 b.S.
to 666 b.S.
The Time of Rage: Erpheronia vs. Centorauria
Parem, the Erpheronian king, eventually invades Centorauria, due to a dispute between shepherds for pasture rights over Midlanir, the island between Efirhal and Accam. His army is ambushed and defeated outside Cemphiria. Artahir, the Helcran Anactar, advises the Centoraurian king, Agelron the Quick, to launch an attack against Erpheronia. When Agelron refuses and proposes a honourable peace treaty, Artahir invades Erpheronia on his own.

666 b.S. Voldar Besieged
Growing conflict among the Erpheronians and neighbouring provinces stifle trade among the nations, and growth slows to a halt. Mayor Altaem dies, and no successor is appointed due to bureaucratic shortages. Port Sparrowclaw loses traders as they flee across the water into the northernmost marches of Vardınn. Life crawls to a halt as only local peasants inhabit the Port.

480 b.S. Unification of Sarvonia and Prosperity
Sparrowclaw has troubles recovering from its mass exodus during the Time of Rage. It serves only as a local producer of fish for the inhabitants, without much foreign trade. However, under the new rule of Thar and the unification of the Sarvonian provinces, trade again begins to grow and import flourishes. Thar the Great encourages trade and wealth among the ethnic tribes and Port Sparrowclaw becomes major trade destination once again and marine hub to Voldar.

298 b.S. The Third Sarvonian War
The conflagration of northern Vardınn and the militarisation of the United Kingdom of Sarvonia leads to the sparked interest in Port Sparrowclaw as a defensive structure and the Hawkeye Tower is constructed to guard the route to Voldar by the Santharian government. An influx of military goods to Voldar from the southern provinces by way of sea leads to a boom in its industry.


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