YEARS 870 B.S. - 833 B.S.
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(YEARS 1.655 B.S. - 822 B.S.)
ca. 870 b.S.
to 854 b.S.
King Viocarvio Carzihmand, Queen Marin
(Son: Artero)
Viocarvio is father of Artero.

854 b.S.
to 833 b.S.
King Artero Carzihmand "the Weak", Queen Verhnin of Salazar
(No descendants)
Artero (874 b.S.833 b.S.) is the Caltharian king at the onset of the War of Ancyros in 846 b.S., which was fought between the kingdoms of Caltharia and Erpheronia. Born in Carmalad in 874 b.S., Artero is the second child and only son of Viocarvio and Marin Carzihmand. He married Verhnin, a daughter of the Duke of Salazar, in 852 b.S.

Through his inability to rule his kingdom, Artero sets off the decline of his kingdom into a state of poverty and instability. He is called "The Weak" because of his indecisiveness and excessive reliance upon his advisors, and later the rulers of the various duchies, to make important decisions for him. Artero also fails to protect his kingdom's financial and military interests by signing the Treaty of Doovens in 843 b.S., which severely restricts his own power and imposes heavy taxes on the people of Caltharia. Artero remains king only in name, as the authority to make significant decisions after the signing of the treaty passes to the king of Erpheronia. He is unable to suppress the rebellion led by one of the dukes of Caltharia Duke Mertogran of Cantollio and is found guilty of treason and executed. Though married, he dies childless in 833 b.S.

833 b.S.
to 822 b.S.
The Rebel King Mertogran
Mertogran (877-822 b.S.) was the rebellious Duke of Cantollio who forced Artero, king of Caltharia, to abdicate the throne during the War for Ancyros (in 833 b.S.) due to what many perceived to be a failure to properly tend his kingdom. Duke Mertogran proclaimed himself king and started immediately to build an army with the objective of regaining back all the lands of northern Caltharia that Artero had ceded to Erpheronia. He invaded Erpheronia, and did manage to recover some of the lands that were lost. However, Mertogran's army was eventually defeated, and he was killed in 822 b.S. at the Battle of Salazar.


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