YEARS 10 B.S. - 227 A.S.
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(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
10 b.S.
to 27
King Santhros "the Wise" (King of Charity)/Queen Ahreng Cara'Jeshanneh
(Sons: Laenthris, Thaelnoric; Daughter: Shaelriga)
Santhros (45 b.S.-27 a.S.) is considered by most to be the most influential and beloved figures in Santharian history, giving his name to the kingdom he helped to unite after the terrible devastation of the Third Sarvonia War. His bravery, kindness, and humility have echoed through history, and many poets and writers still hail him in their works, while historians alike sing his praises. No other figure in Santharian history has done so much to bring peace to the Santharian kingdom, to unite all the races and tribes in harmony.

It's a historical fact that the coronation of Santhros as king of Tharania is the direct continuation to the until this point still semi-official Sarvonian Alliance between the leaders of all three main races of the southern Sarvonian continent, humans, elves and dwarves. Eventually Santhros should succeed in convincing the southern kingdoms and tribes of various races to unite with Tharania to form a kingdom unparalleled in history that would last for millenia to come.

to 77
King Laenthris "the Firm"/Queen Phelossa
(Son: Mantheros; Daughters: Valdda, Naelęnn, Weyfra, Ęssa, Carrena)
King Laenthris Salazath (14 b.S.-77 a.S.), son and heir of Santhros the Wise, solidifies the work his father has begun and is highly respected for that. He is called "the Firm" due to his direct and unwavering approach to tackle issues and represents for many the perfect continuation of the massive project that a United Kingdom of Santharia needs. He is a warrantor of peace and security.

Laenthris' personal life is overshadowed by tragedy, however, his first wife, Veldosla of Carmalad, is unable to give birth to a male heir, and is deemed "cursed" by the public eye. While Veldosla eventually ends up leaving the king and going into a monastery, the new Queen Phelossa gives birth to a healthy son, Mantheros. But what seems to secure the line of Santhros will only lead to a fierce battle for the Santharian throne.

to 105
King Mantheros/Queen Ilee'ala
(Daughters: Sirthala, Na'ahena)
Victorious after the deadly confrontation with his cousin Staranos, Mantheros - after three years of uncertainty - emerges as the rightful heir to the Santharian throne. Though in many ways weaker than his predecessors, Mantheros - especially due to his experiences of the succession war - still has the support of the majority of Santharians.

to 138
Queen Sirthala "the Unwavering"/King Kelim (by 114)
(Sons: Mantheros, Thaenos, Daughters: Saenęssa)
The lack of male heirs leads to the crowning of the first Santharian ruler without a consort on her side, Sirthala. What was thought by many to be just a temporary matter would hold for 23 years until her abdication. Sirthala marries Captain Kelim from the renowned Voldarian house of Swiftwaters in 114 and bore three children, two of them would later rise to Santharian kings.

During Sirthala's reign the Capital Quia'antá is renamed to Santhala.

to 166
King Mantheros II./Queen Ithsje
After his mother Sirthala abdicates following the death of her husband, her firstborn son Mantheros II. takes over. His marriage to an Avennorian beauty however comes too late and the pair remains childless.

to 172
King Thaenos "the Last"/Queen Mererra
(supposedly childless)
The death of his brother leaves Thaenos as the last male representative of the Salazath dynasty following the founder of the United Kingdom of Santharia, Santhros. His poor health leads to an early death, only six years after his crowning. On top of that the only child his wife Mererra bears him supposedly dies during childbirth - at least until shocking details are revealed much later. However, due to the fact the line of the Salazaths has apparently died out, the Council of Linked Hands needs to appoint a new king by election.

(YEARS 172 A.S. - 547 A.S.)
to 201
Santhran Dagolth "the Liberator"/Santhranna Shawaldah
(Sons: twins Dagmin and Dagrin, Calron; Daughter: Elinnaja)
Under dubious circumstances and helped mainly by criminal intrigues engineered by his father, the influential Count Dekem, Dagolth Hammersfeld is elected Santharian King by the Council of Linked Hands. To honour Santhros, one of the first acts as Santharian king is the introduction of the title "Santhran" signifying the Santharian king - from now on every Santharian king would carry this title.

With him a new royal line is born which runs, though not in name but in blood, till the last ruler of the Golden Age of Kings, Santhran Sanaerrin.

Dagolth would gain his byname "The Liberator" after the defeat of the corrupted elf and Móh'rónn, Saban Blackcloak. He is also known for tightening the kingdom's governmental organization, regulation of taxation, improving the messaging system throughout the lands, standardizing uniforms, reviving the Armerenda feast as an incentive for soldiers and many other things.

to 227
Santhran Calron "the Weak" Hammersfeld/Santhranna Majida of Bardavos
(Son: Lysarian; daughter: Liorathsa)
Calron is no king who shines with inventions and the introduction of new structures like his father, but he consolidates what he has inherited and has given the country a prosperous time, which may well have been the basis for the following rise of the empire under Lysarian the Great. He certainly has not deserved the byname "the Weak", but as his first years are quite disastrous, he never gets rid of it.

to 267
Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld "the Great"/Santhranna Ithvinna (by 219), Mariama (by 234), Asriyah Altara (by 272)
(Sons: Kijolf, Leifring with Ithvinna, Lysander with Mariama; Daughters: Skavinna, Udrike, Hjaveig with Ithvinna, Myrissa with Mariama)
Santhran Lysarian is one of the three great rulers in the Golden Age of Kings. He enters his reign with great energy and already in his first year sets many things in motion which would bear fruits only much later. While Santhran Dagolth stands at the beginning of that grand age, sets it in motion, and Santhran Sanaerrin brings it to an end which is as glorious as it is disastrous, Lysarian is the key figure who provides a basis for wealth and prosperity for the following centuries. The unification of the measurements and the introduction of the new currency alone are enough to boost the economy to new heights. His travels unite what tended to grow apart due to the big distances in the kingdom.


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