YEARS 482 B.S. - 10 B.S.
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(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
482 b.S.
to 459 b.S.
King Thar, Queen Curogana
(Sons: Tharagane, Carbug)
Thar the Great
Thar the Great
Thar the Great (542 b.S.-459 b.S.) is the most powerful King of the Centoraurians, the Erpheronians and later on King of the Kingdom of Tharania named after his very self, comprising of the former realms of Erpheronia, Centorauria, Kyrania and Caltharia. Thar manages to unite the four kingdoms peacefully in the year of 482 b.S.

Thar is adored, not only by the Erpheronians but also by all the other human tribes which eventually form the Kingdom of Tharania. Only one other person will gain so much love and respect from his people and he was one of his successors, the Tharian King Santhros the Wise. The latter will expand and complete Thar's visionary work more than four centuries later by uniting the Tharian realm with the remaining kingdoms of Southern Sarvonia. Some bards even compare Thar with a star falling down from heaven to earth bearing a godlike intellect and a heart for the poor and needy alike. In his long reign Thar is vivid in his youth and wise when growing older, and the stability he brings to his subjects never had been seen before at any of the tribes. His death in his 83rd cycle is a shock for his complete kingdom, nobles and peasants alike, and the funeral ceremony lasts one month and is incomparable to all other celebrations ever held before in Southern Sarvonia.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
ca. 50 b.S.
to 34 b.S.
King Sorodin
(Son: Marzevash)

34 b.S.
to 12 b.S.
King Marzevash "the Adamantly"/Queen Valferia
(Sons: Raegash, Marzevash II., Armeric, Syveric)
While Marzevash (78 b.S.-3 b.S.) initally is perceived as a positive, straightforward and inspiring figure throughout the kingdom, his ambitions will soon get the better of him and he earns the name "the Adamantly" for his persistence to achieve his goals, regardless of the costs. Marzevash works diligently on strengthening the ties with the Sarvonian Alliance and brings unforeseen wealth to the kingdom. Yet, his envy on the successes of Aelric, the Tharanian Ambassador to the Alliance, grows in all the years. When Aerlic is assassinated he is linked to the killings and has to abdicate in favour of his son Raegash. He flees to his original home, the island of Narvoss, where he dies a few years later in exile.

12 b.S.
to 10 b.S.
King Raegash the Unwilling
(No children)
Raegash inherits the throne from his father who fled to Narvoss after the pressure of the populace to abdicate became too strong. As his father allegedly was involved in the murdering of his personal foe, Aelric, he hands the throne - with the approval of the Voldarian council - over to Aerlic's son, Santhros, and retreats himself into a monastery.

10 b.S.
to 27
King Santhros "the Wise" (King of Charity)/Queen Ahreng Cara'Jeshanneh
(Sons: Laenthris, Thaelnoric; Daughter: Shaelriga)
Santhros (45 b.S.-27 a.S.) is considered by most to be the most influential and beloved figures in Santharian history, giving his name to the kingdom he helped to unite after the terrible devastation of the Third Sarvonia War. His bravery, kindness, and humility have echoed through history, and many poets and writers still hail him in their works, while historians alike sing his praises. No other figure in Santharian history has done so much to bring peace to the Santharian kingdom, to unite all the races and tribes in harmony.

It's a historical fact that the coronation of Santhros as king of Tharania is the direct continuation to the until this point still semi-official Sarvonian Alliance between the leaders of all three main races of the southern Sarvonian continent, humans, elves and dwarves. Eventually Santhros should succeed in convincing the southern kingdoms and tribes of various races to unite with Tharania to form a kingdom unparalleled in history that would last for millenia to come.


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