YEARS 3.000 B.S. - 1.300 A.S.
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(YEARS 3.400 B.S. - 1.655 B.S.)
ca. 3000 b.S. The Cyrathrim Arrival in the Calmarios Forest
The wandering Cyrathrim elves come upon what appears to be a deserted forest. They quickly discover that it is not deserted at all, but occupied by the Gremm, a reclusive and timid tribe of gnomes who normally are exceptionally wary of strangers. The Gremm consent to share their forest, though their reasons for doing so are lost to all but the Gremm themselves.

Soon after their arrival they learn that they are far from being the last of the wood elves when travellers from the Aellenrhim arrive in the forest. A strong friendship is formed between the two tribes.

(YEARS 1.144 A.S. - 1.440 A.S.)
1.300 The Cyrathrhim Revival
A group of elves and half elves claiming to be the descendants of the Cyrathrhim return to the Calmarios to dwell in the central settlement. They revive what they say are old Cyrathrhim songs, rituals and spells - though academics say that much of their belief system is totally unrelated to historic fact. This revival grows a great deal of interest, particuarly (oddly enough) from city dwelling humans and numbers grow rapidly.

The Gremm, for whatever reason however take severed objection to these "descendants" presence and take the unprecedented step of asking for Aellenrhim help to remove them from their forest. The Aellenrhim go before the Circle and it is agreed that the Gremm should indeed be left in peace and the new Cyrathrhim be evicted.

To these "new Cyrathrhim" the Circle's actions are simply justification that they are indeed the exiles as their forefathers had been. They now wander primarily as a small nomadic group practising pseudo-Cyrathrhim lore, although admittedly they do make useful entertainers and still sell beautifully crafted clay pots. They are commonly known to humans as the "Pot People". They are believed to have given rise to the Water Rats - a nomadic group to be found in and around New-Santhala.


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