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D (D)
Vocabulary (font)
Dap Dap noun finger
Dem Dem noun nail (fastener; see also 'kordem', spike. For body part, see 'fingernail')
Den Den numeral seven; 7
Den Den noun day (see also 'daytime')
Deni Deni adjective sacred
Dis Dis prefix/suffix reversed; negative
Dischingur Dischingur adjective alone
Dishun Dishun numeral nine
Dishun Dishun adjective incomplete
Dishun Dishun numeral 9
Diskett Diskett adverb off
Dislaa Dislaa adjective complex
Dismum Dismum verb sit
Disparoe Disparoe adjective lost (spec. oneself. See Dispor 'lost', of an object or referring to someone else)
DisPor DisPor adjective lost (lit. "not located"); lost (specifically anything but oneself. See also Disporoe, 'lost' for oneself); unknown
Distheh Distheh pronoun they
Distherger Distherger noun stranger (polite. See also 'Pakerim'); foreigner
Disuma Disuma adjective disgusting (of taste or smell, specifically)
Ditap Ditap adjective apathetic (inactive, passive)
Doonyeh Doonyeh verb wrap
Dotsh Dotsh noun chair
Dra Dra adjective rough
Dragrum Dragrum noun orc (lit. "rough-toothed")
Drummet Drummet verb draw; sketch
Dut Dut noun buttocks (slang form 'dutti', used to or of dwarf infants); rump