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G (G)
Vocabulary (font)
Galki Galki adjective old
Genun Genun adjective dry
Ger Ger noun dirt (Also see 'earth')
Geroor Geroor noun land (see also 'earth', 'dirt', 'country')
Gerrezt Gerrezt noun human (rude) (lit. "ground-scratcher" - see also 'Kegertheren', 'Vothuten')
Gert Gert noun earth (see also 'dirt')
Giid Giid verb put; inlay (to set in or put in place)
Golja Golja adjective skillful
Golz Golz noun hand
Golzdoon Golzdoon noun glove (see also 'gauntlet')
Golzeron Golzeron numeral ten; 10
Golzmith Golzmith noun gauntlet (see also 'glove')
Gor Gor numeral one (onething); 1
Gorph Gorph verb begin; start
Gruith Gruith noun fang
Grukor Grukor verb consume; devour
Grup Grup verb eat
Grut Grut verb bite
GulAv GulAv noun ast'right (135 degrees to the right of front, or 45 degrees left from the dwarf's back)
GulBar GulBar noun ast'left (135 degrees to the left of front, or 45 degrees right from the dwarf's back)
Gulgul Gulgul verb drink (beautifully oenomatopaeic)
Gunolwerf Gunolwerf verb immigrate; resettle
Gurph Gurph verb end (less emphatic than Yrant, 'finish')
Guul Guul adverb back
Guun Guun pronoun after
GuunNolWerfer GuunNolWerfer verb resettle