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H (H)
Vocabulary (font)
Halurl Halurl noun fungus; mushroom
Harkor Harkor noun highway (usually a large tunnel leading to or running near the surface; also used for human roads)
Harrenja Harrenja noun elf (rude) (lit. "leaf-eared")
Heor Heor verb hoard
Heor Heor verb keep
Heor Heor verb save
HeorEka HeorEka verb guard
Heorn Heorn verb store
Hert Hert noun joint (body joint, also used of a hinge or welded fastening. See also 'hinge' )
Hes Hes noun limestone (Also see 'hunhes')
Hiin Hiin adjective fast
Hiwi Hiwi pronoun this
Hla Hla noun flame (see also 'fire')
Hlabli Hlabli adjective spicy
Hlaoen Hlaoen noun fireplace (see also 'hearth')
Hlarn Hlarn verb scorch (to blacken or char)
Hlazil Hlazil noun sword
Hoa Hoa noun ember (see also 'charcoal')
Hol Hol noun desert
Holwi Holwi pronoun that
Hom Hom noun throat (exterior of body; see also ''agul', inside of throat); neck
Hon Hon noun corner (usually any angle or junction of two planes)
Horzil Horzil noun cut (has the sense of 'incision' or 'slash' - used in mining)
Horzilyeh Horzilyeh verb separate; cut
Horzim Horzim noun knife (see also 'sword', 'blade')
Hthom Hthom noun head
Hthpaa Hthpaa verb not know (an absence of knowledge, ignorance); uncomprehend (to fail to understand)
Hthuu Hthuu verb understand; comprehend
Hu Hu pronoun she
Hubarol Hubarol noun (f.) grandmother on father's side (See also 'huhutol')
Huenbar Huenbar noun (f.) aunt (specifically, 'mother's sister')
Huenegrin Huenegrin noun (f.) auntie (an affectionate way to refer to the senior dwarves of the cavern)
Huenhu Huenhu noun (f.) aunt (specifically, 'father's sister')
Huhn Huhn verb hit
Huhnkogu Huhnkogu verb war; fight
Huhutol Huhutol noun (f.) grandmother (specifically, maternal. See also 'hubarol')
Huhwiek Huhwiek noun (m.) genitals (rude: male sexual organs. Also see 'bapok', 'poki', 'vvek. )
Hukorim Hukorim noun queen (see also 'bakorim', king or male ruler); ruler
Hun Hun noun mine (the dwarven excavations, tunnels, and caverns created in the process of extracting ore and other natural resources)
Hun Hun pronoun hers ("it is hers")
Hund Hund noun house (see also 'home', 'cavern')
Hungorten Hungorten verb rule; command
Hunhes Hunhes noun lime (see 'hes', limestone)
Hunji Hunji adjective empty
Hunol Hunol noun (f.) daughter
Hunsthomm Hunsthomm verb excavate
Hunuma Hunuma adjective bland
Hunwar Hunwar verb excavate
Hunyeh Hunyeh verb mine
Huriz Huriz noun (f.) genitals (rude: female sexual organs. Also see 'husul', 'puvi', 'anumurr')
Husul Husul noun (f.) genitals (formal: female sexual organs. See also 'puvi', 'huriz', 'anumurr')
Hut Hut numeral five; 5
Hutpu Hutpu noun excrement (rude, slang)
Huttol Huttol noun (f.) mother
Huttolkorim Huttolkorim noun (f.) goddess (used to refer to a female deity. Also see 'Barolkorim' = male deity, god); deity
Huu Huu pronoun her ("her knife")
Huun Huun prefix/suffix remove; out of
Huun Huun adverb out
HuunGer HuunGer verb dig
Huvi Huvi noun milk (spec. mother's milk (dwarf, human, or other sentient)); milch
Huviwah Huviwah noun (f.) breast (the female breast - lit. 'milkfall')
Huy Huy pronoun her ("I like her")