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P (P)
Vocabulary (font)
Paa Paa adverb no
Pach Pach adjective false (see also Paka, 'fake')
Pahton Pahton verb beat; strike
Paka Paka adjective fake
Pakerim Pakerim noun foreigner (rude. See also 'Distherger'); stranger
Papraz Papraz verb steal
Patz Patz adjective bad
Patzen Patzen verb dislike
Pe Pe prefix/suffix -ly; with; together
Pe Pe connector -ly; with
Pedischir Pedischir adjective lonely
Pehn Pehn noun hinge (see also 'joint')
PeNegrinUth PeNegrinUth adjective surrounding ((lit. "with - all - us"))
Pesh Pesh verb join
Peurt Peurt verb intercourse (to have sex - casual. See also Yehumut, Broont); sex
Pil Pil adjective short
Pipi Pipi verb urinate (very casual, baby talk. Used for both noun and verb)
Pipi Pipi noun urine (casual, baby talk. See also Mutanul, Puvinul, Pokinul)
Poki Poki noun (m.) genitals (slang: male sexual organs. Also see 'bapok', 'vvek, 'huhwiek'. )
Pokinul Pokinul noun (m.) urine (casual, masculine. See also Mutanul, Puvinul, Pipi)
Pola Pola noun mouth
Polula Polula verb laugh
Por Por adjective located; known
Porreh Porreh verb find
Poyeh Poyeh verb urinate (casual, masculine)
Pra Pra prefix/suffix to; towards
Pradelid Pradelid verb separate
Pradelinir Pradelinir verb butcher (to cut apart edible meat)
Pragoz Pragoz verb take
Prakagoj Prakagoj verb trade
Pratheron Pratheron verb meet
Prathronyeh Prathronyeh verb meet
Pri Pri adverb in
Prigoz Prigoz verb have
Primutalerons Primutalerons noun innards ; guts ; intestines
Prioon Prioon verb dwell; reside
Pripra Pripra adverb into; towards; to
Pu Pu prefix/suffix open; release
Pudup Pudup noun soup; broth
Pukpuk Pukpuk adjective salty
Pulyeh Pulyeh verb urinate (casual, feminine)
Pupu Pupu noun excrement (casual, baby talk. See also Mutger, Hutpu)
Puv Puv noun cauldron
Puvi Puvi noun (f.) genitals (slang, casual; female sexual organs. See also 'husul', 'huriz', 'anumurr')
Puvinul Puvinul noun (f.) urine (casual, feminine. See also Pokinul, Mutanul, Pipi)