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R (R)
Vocabulary (font)
Ra Ra connector for
Ralaril Ralaril noun moon
Rami Rami verb buy; purchase
Rath Rath adjective scared
Re Re connector hold; keep back
Rearden Rearden verb wait; wait
Reardenim Reardenim noun waiting
Regorch Regorch adjective selfish
Regoz Regoz verb hold
Retzretz Retzretz verb scratch (Irresistably oenomatopaic!)
Rizkul Rizkul noun Fire (the elemental force. See also 'fire', 'flame', 'ember')
Rizthom Rizthom noun forge (used of a closed smelter forge. See also 'Thuushon')
Ro Ro adjective tall (measurement of height)
Rotrum Rotrum noun mountain (see also 'hill', 'foothill')
Ruhnt Ruhnt noun hammer
Runlaa Runlaa verb maul
Rus Rus noun belly (the exterior anatomy - also see dukul, 'stomach' )