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S (S)
Vocabulary (font)
Sekket Sekket adjective colourful
Shaln Shaln noun flower
Shorr Shorr noun adolescent (young dwarf under the age of Hu/Baregozar - about 50 to 80 in human years)
Shu Shu adverb by
Sihang Sihang adjective certain
Snaa Snaa verb injure (deliberate - see also Kemyeh, 'hurt')
Sol Sol noun south
Som Som noun ledge
Sortenching Sortenching noun cobalt (the natural resource - lit. 'Blue Iron Friend')
Sprukthu Sprukthu verb waste
Sthul Sthul noun end (the end, finish line, termination)
Strus Strus adjective hungry
Suk Suk noun coal (the natural resource - for "coals", see 'ember' or 'charcoal')
Sukkaor Sukkaor noun firewood
Sumavi Sumavi noun milk (spec. cow or animal milk. See also Huvi, 'mother's milk'); milch
Susil Susil adjective quiet