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T (T)
Vocabulary (font)
Ta Ta adjective repeat; again
Taal Taal noun language (the unique collected vocabulary of any race, clan, tribe, or group); tongue
TaHuhn TaHuhn noun siege; forge
Tahuhn Tahuhn verb forge
Tak Tak verb count; number
Ten Ten adjective strong
Tenchaor Tenchaor noun foothill (the low hills that edge a mountain range)
Tenchir Tenchir noun foot
Tenemith Tenemith noun armor
Tenshon Tenshon noun floor (usually referring to the rock surface underfoot in most dwarven caverns)
Terok Terok verb defend
Thaerar Thaerar verb hide
Tharezerons Tharezerons noun army (lit. 'axes' )
Theen Theen noun candle
Theh Theh pronoun we
Thel Thel noun hair (singular - one strand of hair. As a group noun, use 'thelerons')
Thelerons Thelerons noun hair (see also 'thelon' - strand of hair)
Thelon Thelon noun (n.) beard (general term for facial hair)
Thelonba Thelonba noun (m.) beard (a male dwarf's facial hair)
Thelonhu Thelonhu noun (f.) beard (a female dwarf's facial hair, where not depilated)
Thereen Thereen noun baby ; infant ; babe
Thergerim Thergerim noun dwarf (At the centre of what it means to be dwarven are the root words for 'earth', 'being', and 'bonded'... The word itself is untranslatable, but carries the meaning of 'our people', 'loyalty' and 'unbreakable bond'. All clan names contain the last morpheme 'erim'/'arim' , which is believed to mean 'the dwarven people'.)
Thergetyr Thergetyr numeral eight; 8
thergetyr thergetyr noun tribe; clan
Theroon Theroon noun family
Thraz Thraz noun axe
Thuenn Thuenn noun copper (lit. 'fire-lover')
Thuko Thuko verb disagree
Thuushon Thuushon noun forge (used of an open-hearth forge. See also 'rizthom')
Thuuth Thuuth noun fire (see also 'Fire', 'flame', 'ember')
Thuw Thuw verb affirm; agree
Thyrm Thyrm adjective unified
Togrizek Togrizek noun carroot (lit. 'orange root')
Tol Tol adverb below; under
Tol Tol noun underground
Torra Torra verb repair
Torramut Torramut verb heal (active - the work of healing another - see also Imuti, passive healing)
Tyr Tyr noun town (Used of a dwarvern cave or mid-size cavern; also valid in the human sense); cavern (see also 'cave')