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W (W)
Vocabulary (font)
Waar Waar adverb down
Wah Wah verb fall
Warzilyeh Warzilyeh verb divide
Wehrn Wehrn prefix/suffix before
Wer Wer adverb front
WerAv WerAv noun for'right (45 degrees to the right of the body's front)
WerAvNer WerAvNer noun halfway up (like a straight-arm salute, pointing 45 degrees up and out from the shoulder); up, halfway
WerBar WerBar noun for'left (45 degrees to the left of the body's front))
Werhthom Werhthom noun forehead (lit. 'front of head')
Werhut Werhut numeral four; 4
Wero Wero verb move (specifically, to move oneself. See also Wervo, 'move' as in an object)
Wervo Wervo verb move (spec. to move an object. See also Wero, 'move', to move oneself)
Whiveen Whiveen adjective untrustworthy; faithless
Wi Wi pronoun it (thing or genderless)
Wiral Wiral verb talk
Wiralpe Wiralpe verb discuss
Wirrel Wirrel verb make (see also Wurt, 'craft' or 'fabricate')
Wol Wol noun west
Wraak Wraak verb sleep (see also Wrakn, 'nap')
Wrakn Wrakn verb nap (see also Wraak, 'sleep')
Wrakshon Wrakshon noun bed
Wurt Wurt verb fabricate; craft