There are twenty-five runes in Thergerim Aleterons (Dwarf-People-Word-Marks). Dwarves have runes for several consonant blends, and have eliminated certain letters which they perceive as duplicates. Hence, there is no rune for C, its sound being represented by either S or K. However, there is a rune for CH, the sharp puff of air past the palate which really has no relation to either the C or the H sound! Thergerim also has its own punctuation marks, used at either end of the sentence to indicate feeling and expression in the written language. They can also be found in the table below. What we would call capitals are indicated by the rune being carved superscript with a small angular dot below it. Capitals are used to separate the units of meaning in blended words as well as to start sentences. For emphasis stronger than mere punctuation, all capitals are used (rather like italics in the Tharian tongue).

The Thergerim Runes
Image description: Table of the dwarven runes, also called Thergerim Aleterons. You can download the font here in order to view the Thergerim language pages properly. Note: The rune "Th" is represented by the letter "F" on your keyboard and "Sh" is represented by the letter "Q". The Thergerim Aleterons were done by Bard Judith.

Runes, being designed primarily for carving, are all straight line designs. The maximum number of lines in any one rune is five, although most are two or three. Note that no runes have any lines that cross or overlap; not only does that result in chipped and unclear edges when carving, but an X is commonly held to be the sign of Cor, death, negation, cave-ins and everything else unpleasant. As such it is rarely seen; possibly only in curses and religious writings of the dwarves.

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