The Tale of Gark and his Love   
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Introduction. The tale of Ehei's Mistake is told to small Brownie children to warn them of the bad things that will happen to them if they don't respect plants, animals and their spirits. It features a vain little Brownie who insists on picking flowers to ornament her beautiful green hair. Eventually she is turned into a pure white Rat Brownie as punishment.

ong ago, when todayís trees still nestled in their seed cases, there lived a Brownie maiden by the name of ehei. Ehei was a pretty little thing, always catching the remarks of other Brownies if she was out helping her mother. She had the most amazing leaf green hair, which seemed to sparkle with new spring life at any time of the year. Her parents would have been very proud of her, if it wasnít for one little thing.

You see Ehei liked nothing more than to pick flowers and other pretty greenery and create beautiful garlands for her hair. Of course, these never lasted very long once taken from the plant, and soon she was out again picking more for another hair decoration. The young Brownie would go through one set of flowers or more a day, no matter how often her poor parents cautioned her against taking so much from the flower spirits unless it was absolutely necessary. She just laughed at them, not believing that the spirits of the flowers she was killing had the power to do anything to her.

As she grew towards her Age of Choosing, Eheiís family noticed something very strange about her. She seemed somehow browner than she had been before, and not a nice, healthy brown either. The maiden was slowly losing the fresh, juicy green of her young skin and turning the pale, dead brown of a wilted leaf! Her parents took her to speak to the most experienced member of the Praiser Clan. He only confirmed what they had been telling her, and told Ehei that picking flowers must stop immediately if she didnít want it to get any worse.

Of course, the little Brownie had never heeded her parents, so she paid little attention to the Praiser either. Instead she wanted to prove to her parents once and for all that she was right and the spirits did not have the power to punish her. Ehei went deeper into the forest, collecting all the flowers and beautiful things she could find. After the sun had slipped beneath the trees lining the clearing, she returned and piled the leafy goods beneath her familyís home. Calling out to her parents to come and watch, Ehei set fire to the vegetation and stood back to let it burn. And as the flames rose, so Ehei seemed to get paler and paler. Suddenly she collapsed, her figure hidden from the flames by the blaze. Her parents rushed to her, but when they reached the little Brownie, she was completely different. Ehei had turned as white as a Birchbark, no hint of any colour at all flushed her skin. However, unlike a normal white Brownie, the whole of her eyes had also lost all colouring. She was blind. After that Ehei never picked a flower again in her life, although her sight never returned.

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