The Shendar Book of Myths   
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Introduction. The Injr might be fierce and demons fearsome, but Baveras is the true master of the desert and only her gifts can tame the Rhaz-Dth... Read on to find out how the Arpun Grass came to be in the struggle between a demon and a devotee of the Sea Goddess.

ong long ago, when the desert was almost unknown to the Shendar and they had yet to learn of it's wonders, a woman walked the sands and was called Arila the Faithful. She had lived as Baveras would want her, and to her clan she was most precious. This angered a nearby venazla sand demon, that a mere woman be so well thought, and he planned to capture her and steal her power. The demon waited until she walked alone on the sands, and lept out at her.
"Ah ha!" he cried, "I have caught you, feeble woman."

Arila laughed at him and told the demon, "No one can hold me, for the desert is free to the Shendar."

The venazla was angry at this outspoken woman, and cast great magics. He brought forth from the ground one-hundred sharpest knives to surround Arila, like a pen made for creatures.

"Now I have captured you, and you will give to me your power!" he leered.

Arila laughed again and said "Foolish demon, Baveras' will, not yours, hold sway in the sands - your knives are like blades of grass to me." - And indeed they became so - tall blades of grass with Baveras' will.

The demon was furious and stomped the sand greatly. "Then if they are to be grass, they shall still be sharp, and tall, and strong, that you may not bend them with force of arm." - And indeed the grass was so - it was sharp to touch, and tall, and very strong for grass.

Arila smiled at the furious venazla. "Demon, it is not by force of arm that one can conquer the deserts, but only by Baveras' will, Baveras' faith, and Baveras' gifts."

And Arila knelt and whispering a prayer, poured precious water at the base of the grass, which bowed before the gift of Baveras and freed Arila from the demon's trap. So now Arila's trap is known as the Ar'pun, and still it is sharp and tall and strong. But always will it bow to the gifts of Baveras.

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