The Shendar Book of Myths   
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Introduction. Even thousands of years before Santhros ascended to the throne and united the lands of Santharia, the long-ear hopped happily on the grass of northern Ráhaz-Dáth. But how could an adorable, little creature of such cheerful temperament outlive the cruelty of the centuries? Join us and get to know why the long-ears are so intelligent and from whom they got their wit...

hen the world was freshly made the Long-Ear was a lovely animal roaming the grass plains of the northern Ráhaz-Dáth. Its fur was softer than any other of the beasts around, and the patterns pleased every eye. They played merrily with each other and not few gods stopped to observe them. It was loved dearly by some of the gods, especially Jeyriall, who had created them. But they had no more intelligence like any of the other beasts around. And so they were hunted - not only by the canny ju‘bat and other predators, but also by the aguia of the mountains. But Jeyriall loved her creation so much, that she didn‘t want to allow it vanish from Caelereth. So she asked Arvins, God of the Hunt, if he couldn‘t do anything about it. The hunting had to stop, otherwise there would be no more Long-Ears soon. But Arvins only raised his eyebrows, and Jeyriall knew, that he wouldn‘t do anything. Jeyriall asked Baveras for help, and the watergoddess created some springs and wells, so that part of the Northern desert could carry trees and some bushes with fruits. And so the Long-Ear changed from the Tibbar roaming the vast plains to the Tree Tibbar, his numbers increased again and for now its extinction seemed avoided.

But when the races arrived in the Ráhaz-Dáth during their migration to the south, all seemed to have been in vain. The numbers of the Ky‘mon Tibbar, as the humans called them, decreased so rapidly, for everybody valued their tender meat and their soft hides.

Jeyriall was desperate, and this time Baveras was of no help either. But out of the desperation an idea was born. What the Tree Tibbar needed to survive the attacks of the new predator was a trait of these very predators - and that was intelligence. So Jeyriall blessed her creatures with a small amount of intelligence and enabled them to use it to evade persecution, she even gave them the ability to use some tools to defend themselves against their predators or to gain food more easily.

Sharp tongues say, Jeyriall took the intelligence they gave their beloved animals from those of their - human - hunters.

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