The Shendar Book of Myths   
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Introduction. Not all of us are born in good health and not all of us can live up to the expectations of our society… Yet all of life, no matter how low or flawed, is precious to the gods and no prayer whispered in earnest will be left unanswered. See how, with a little help from above, a father’s love and a mother’s devotion can create life… - "Jeyriall’s Gift" is the story of a little lonely girl and the brinn’si, and why the animal came into being.

t is said that the brinn‘si haven‘t been always living in the Aj‘nuvic Grounds, but that they were created out of sympathy.

Long ago there was a Shendar child of the Kha‘si, a girl called Brinn‘si, who was too ill from birth on and too weak when she grew up to be able to go out and find her partner for life, her aj‘nuvic. She knew that she would never have a friend like this as all others had. So she became ever weaker, out of sadness and sorrow. Her father was a potter in Uderza, and when he saw his child at the brink of death, he tried to make an aj‘nuvic out of clay to please the child. Of course, this clay animal was only tiny compared to a real aj‘nuvic - and it didn‘t resemble much an aj‘nuvic either, for the father was good in doing pots and plates and tiles, but had never done an animal before. It was a difficult task, for the legs didn‘t support the body. But the father, needing the fire to do his pottery, worshipped Foiros and when he prayed with all his soul, Foiros hardened the clay animal, so that it couldn‘t break easily.

The child was very pleased, and death was not a threat anymore. But after some time passed, the novelty wore off, and the clay animal, though nice and lovely to look at with its brown colour, was not alive and not really an alternative to an aj‘nuvic. So the girl fell back into her depression. But her mother, a Baveras adherent, didn‘t want to give up, and taking the father's example she prayed hard - to Baveras. She prayed day after day, till Baveras felt annoyed to have to give so much attention to this case, being addressed every day. But of course, she saw the loving mother and honoured her persistence as well. But what could she do? She brought life to the people with bringing water and moisture for the crop, but she couldn‘t give life itself. So finally she went to Jeyriall and asked her to help, and Jeyriall agreed.

Jeyriall brought the clay-animal to life and therefore it is often also called "Jeyriall‘s Gift“. And this animal became the mother of all other brinn‘si which now populate the Grounds. Though very pleased that Jeyriall was so helpful, Baveras was a bit frustrated that she herself hadn‘t contributed so far and she didn‘t want to stand back behind Jeyrial and especially Foiros. So she quickly added to the clay-animal some of her colour - grey - but it was hastily done, so the brown of the clay shows through it on the legs and is clearly seen on the back, where a stripe runs from withers to croup. But more importantly Baveras gave it a bit of her character properties - so it is said that the hardness in enduring extreme climatic conditions is a gift of Foiros, and the playful nature of "Jeyriall‘s Gift“ is a present of Baveras.

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